õ 100 Beaded Flowers, Charms & Trinkets: Perfect Little Designs to Use for Gifts, Jewelry, and Accessories ↠´ Download by Û Amanda Hinson

õ 100 Beaded Flowers, Charms & Trinkets: Perfect Little Designs to Use for Gifts, Jewelry, and Accessories ↠´ Download by Û Amanda Hinson Seed beads are tiny, so expect the trinkets to be tiny The author gives you the idea of the size with each pattern she gives an actual size pic she used 11 0 seed beads The pattern illustrations are larger for detail On page 12, she shows what 11 0, 8 0 and 6 0 beads look like in actual size.
As has been noted elsewhere, the lack of wire length makes it all guesswork Not good for those without wire experience, and frustrating even for those of us with wire experience The trinkets would be better aligned if they d been made as off loom bead weaving, using the square stitch The wires in these don t lay flat OTOH, she might be pulling the wire too tight, which leaves the tops and bottoms of the things bowed.
As for the patterns themselves, they definitely belong as an eye of the beholder thing I liked only a dozen or so out of the hundred available, but you might like all of them except that dozen or so that I like.
A Perfect Gift For Aspiring Crafters Beads Are Perfect For Making All Sorts Of Tiny Treasures Cakes And Treats, Fruit, Flowers, Fast Food, Holiday Souvenirs, Pets And Animals, Fairies, And This Book Will Show You How To Make Everything From A Tiny Tea Service, A Micro Monkey, And Some Minute Flowers To The Sweetest Little Ladybug No Matter What Your Level Of Beading Experience, You Are Sure To Find The Perfect Beaded Miniature Project In Amanda Hinson S Beaded Flowers, Charms Trinkets Step By Step Demonstrations, From Basic Construction To Advanced Techniques Are Covered, As Well As Inspiration For How To Incorporate Your Designs Into Projects Including Jewelry, Accessories, And Stationery This is a beautiful book The instructions are clear and illustrated very precisely for newbies and pros alike There are close up and also correctly sized photos of each project.
I like the front of the book where s the author shows you all the different types of rochelles and E beads proper size , and you can compare the finishes of glossy opaque silver lined.
The only thing missing is how much wire to use for each project But, that seems to be a universal problem for most beading books I have seen You d think you could measure your wire, the subtract how much you cut off the finished product, just to give folks a rough idea of what to use It would be helpful for beginners, at least.
It wasn t as versatile as it sounded But what really surprised me was the amateurish sloppy appearance of the finished examples I can t remember seeing any other craft books in which the examples didn t look practically perfect.
Insttuctions are easy to gollow wiyh pleanty of pictures of finished product and diagrams for doing them Great little embellishments I say luttle because all of this are very tiny to small items from ice cream cones to wine glasses Would be great to put on other projects Love this book.
Exactly what I anticipated

I absolutely love this book The directions are easy to follow You can substitute string for any of the patterns that I have tried so far you do have to keep consistent tension on string This book is great for beaders at any level And there are so many projects to do.
a really good book, so easy to understand and follow, well worth the money I bought this book with the intention of making little beaded charms for my great granddaughters I ve been working on them since yesterday and I have to say that, although this is a very nice book with lots of cute beading items, it s not for beginners I decided to use thread instead of wire, and the charms have beaded up pretty nicely.
The reason I didn t give this book 5 stars is that there is a lot of information left out that would be very beneficial to a beginning beader, which I am not Firstly, you have to guess how much wire you need to use for each project There s not even an estimate for the length of wire needed Secondly, the directions are very vague only someone with some beading experience could figure out what to do for each project.
That said, I do like the book and am enjoying making the little beaded items, but they are very small They only way to get a larger beaded item, as the book states, is to use size 8 or 6 beads.
If you ve got some beading experience under your belt, I think you ll like making these but, if you re not prepared to make something very small, don t even try it.