[ Pdf 75 X Lace Û indian-literature PDF ] by Patricia Wardle ä g-couture.co.uk

[ Pdf 75 X Lace Û indian-literature PDF ] by Patricia Wardle ä

This Book Offers A Balanced Selection Of Lace Pieces From The Rich Collection Of The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam The Collection Owes Many Of Its Finest Acquisitions To The First Dutch Society For Lace Lovers, Het Kantsalet , Which Celebrates Its Th Anniversary In X Lace Offers A Comprehensive History Of Lace Collecting In The Rijksmuseum Over The Past Years, Plus A Catalogue Of Of Its Most Beautiful And Interesting Pieces These Range From Rare Th Century Linen Collars With Bobbin Lace Borders Up To And Beyond The Christening Set Of Costly Brussels Needle Lace Used For The Christening Of Queen Wilhelmina And Her Successors This Set Forms Only One Part Of The Impressive Royal Lace Collection, Which Has Been On Loan In The Rijksmuseum Since All Objects, Arranged In Chronological Order To Provide A Survey Of Over Three Centuries Of Lace Making, Are Expertly Described And Commented On By Patricia Wardle, Who Has Been Involved With The Rijksmuseum S Lace Collection For The Past Years She Is A Well Known Author In This Field, Who Has Published Extensively On Different Aspects Of Lace And Lace Making