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☆ Read Ð A Cold Day in Paradise by Steve Hamilton Á I enjoyed the first 15 chapters of the book In fact, I mentioned it to a friend as a book to look for And then we reached chapter 16 and the entire book went weird As in, I wondered if I had accidentally plugged in the wrong book A suspect suddenly appears, the former cop makes a series of stupid B movie decisions and an implausible showdown occurs At that point, the end seems clear but I listed to the next few chapters while I waited for him to figure it out I finally reached chapter 22 and I was so irritated by the author s closing technigue that I m still annoyed by it, hours later I feel that a good mystery wraps up with a solid closing and all questions are answered in a quick conversation I m even fine with epilogues But a monologue And a suggestion of illegal revenge I feel like I started a great book, lost it in the middle and ended with a bad book.
The Year of Mystery Continues This book was a great surprise I picked it up at Partners Crime after discovering it on the first in a series display, after I noticed that a it s set in Michigan had just got back from a week s vacation there , b it won the Edgar Award for best first novel, and c it s relatively short and I was looking for a break from another book that I was having a hard time getting into The overall premise seems formulaic at first former cop now PI encounters a killer reminiscent of the case that ended his career But the main character was interesting think Harry Bosch but less grating and the main mystery kept me guessing right up to the end I really enjoyed this and am looking forward to reading of Steve Hamilton s books Other Than The Bullet Lodged Near His Heart, Former Detroit Cop Alex McKnight Thought He Had Put The Nightmare Of His Partner S Death And His Own Near Fatal Injury Behind Him After All, The Man Convicted Of The Crimes Has Been Locked Away For Years But In The Small Town Of Paradise, Michigan, Where McKnight Has Traded His Badge For A Cabin In The Woods, A Murderer With The Same Unmistakable Trademarks Appears To Be Back McKnight Can T Understand Who Else Would Know The Intimate Details Of The Old Murders And It Seems Like It Ll Be A Frozen Day In Hell Before McKnight Can Unravel Truth From Deception In A Town That S Anything But Paradise 7 10An interesting enough mystery that kept my attention and didn t out stay its welcome but will be one I will no doubt forget before the turkey has even been carved A private investigator in a remote location looking at his own inner demons whilst trying to hunt down a killer and possible crazy lunatic who seems to be hunting him down The style of writing was a breeze to get through here and the book was relatively short considering there were a number of things going on so credit where credit is due to the author.
The characters in this were pretty 2 dimensional when you get past the main guy there weren t any which really stood out apart from Sheriff Maven who was just an ultra douche The location was much better a remote town in the north of USA, a storm approaching making the remote location seem even hostile and dangerous I was impressed by the layers added here but maybe some time could have been added to some of the other characters I was impressed enough to pick up the next book in the series but I will approach it when I m looking for a thriller which won t require too much thought process or time I ve also realised that my brain is pretty lazy one of the characters is called Franklin which instantly made my brain go here Describe the character as much as you want, but this is the image I will be using forever and a day for someone called Franklin.
If you like this try Sleepyhead by Mark Billingham If you ve never read an Alex McKnight book, let me fill you in on the background information Fourteen years ago, Alex, a Detroit cop, was shot 3 times and his partner killed Alex should probably be dead too as one bullet is still lodged next to his heart The mentally ill man who shot them has been in a maximum security prison for the last 14 years Alex took disability pay and moved to Paradise, Michigan where his father left him land and 6 cabins, which he rents out He recently took work as a private investigator His best friend calls him in the middle of the night for help and when Alex arrives, a bookie is dead and blood is everywhere Then Alex starts to receive rambling letters that sound just like they re coming from the guy who is supposed to be locked up.
I read book 11 in this series a few months ago and liked it so much that I made myself a note to find others This book is the first one in the series and it s a winner I really like Alex For me, it s a perfect mystery format murder occurs, strong main character who refuses to quit tracks down the killer while clashing with local cops who don t like him and are going off in the wrong direction Just the right amount of sarcasm The person behind it all wasn t too obvious, although clues were there for suspicious minds to put together.
I m supposed to be a big mystery thriller enthusiast I m supposed to be familiar with all the heavy hitters and vintage stuff, the independent authors, and so on But, since I joined Goodreads, I ve discovered I don t know all that much Somehow this author and series slipped right by me But, a post on a mystery group brought Steve Hamilton to my attention I can see why this book won so many awards.
This book was written in first person by Alex Mcknight Alex was a cop until he was shot and he got to keep one of the bullets in his chest as a souvenir Alex s partner wasn t so lucky.
So, Alex retires to Paradise, Michigan He is approached by a lawyer who wants him to be his P I So, Alex gets a license and here we are.
Alex s friend finds one of his bookies murdered and calls Alex for help This starts a two week nightmare for Alex The killer leaves clues suggesting that he is the man that shot Alex fourteen years ago The problem is the man is in prison.
This is a good old fashioned mystery with a hardboiled tone.
Alex is not a wisecracking, no it all detective His human element is easy to relate to He s a flawed character that could fall into a cliche, but sidesteps that trap The plot twist and turns keep you on your toes and turning pages I loved it Overall this one gets an A This was a pretty interesting mystery with a damaged main character who has to come to grips with his fear His phobia or PTSD He was a cop who got shot on the job is the main thread running through the story Occasionally it was a bit much it was a long, twisty road to a satisfying end Very well read.
The path was a bit too long the characters weren t particularly well developed save for a couple of main ones Several were just caricatures, but this was his first book I came close to giving it 4 stars, so I expect future ones to be a real treat.
I read this book after a Goodread friend suggested I try reading Steve Hamilton Sorry for my ignorance but I had never heard of him but decided to read his first novel anyway.
How glad I am, I got into the book instantly and finished it the same day The style of the book reminds me of one of my favourite authors, Harlan Coban The story is fast paced and full of action and than a hint of humour.
Thank you Jan I will be reading of this author.

Not a bad start to this series even if it did get a little improbable there at the end The main character, Alex, makes for an okay guyalthough for a former police officer he sure does have little regard for or patience with standard police procedure I ll give the second book a look but if the love interest sticks around I m out I did like the snarky,sarcastic humor though.
I read this book because I sort of liked The Second Life of Nick Mason , but the second book in that series was pretty ridiculous That should have been a warning to me, however I was lured in by the fact that A Cold Day in Paradise won an Edgar Award 1999 must have been a bad year for mysteries Alex McKnight was a cliched ex cop turned PI, the dialogue was poor, characters were cardboard and the plot was preposterous.