Î A Window on Eternity: A Biologist’s Walk Through Gorongosa National Park ☆ Download by Î Edward O. Wilson

Î A Window on Eternity: A Biologist’s Walk Through Gorongosa National Park ☆ Download by Î Edward O. Wilson Good.
A Window On Eternity Is A Stunning Book Of Splendid Prose And Gorgeous Photography About One Of The Biologically Richest Places In Africa And Perhaps In The World Gorongosa National Park In Mozambique Was Nearly Destroyed In A Brutal Civil War, Then Was Reborn And Is Now Evolv Ing Back To Its original State Edward O Wilsons Personal, Luminous Description Of The Wonders Of Gorongosa Is Beautifully Complemented By Piotr Naskreckis Extraordinary Photographs Of The Parks Exquisite Natural Beauty A Bonus DVD Of Academy Awardwinning Director Jessica Yus Documentary, I The Guide, Is Also Included With The Book Wilson Takes Readers To The Summit Of Mount Gorongosa, Sacred To The Local People And The Parks Vital Watershed From The Forests Of The Mountain He Brings Us To The Deep Gorges On The Edge Of The Rift Valley, Previously Unexplored By Biologists, To Search For New Species And Assess Their Ancient Origins He Describes Amazing Animal Encounters From Huge Colonies Of Agricultural Termites To Specialized Raider Ants That Feed On Them To Giant Spiders, A Battle Between An Eagle And A Black Mamba, Conversations With Traumatized Elephants That Survived The Slaughter Of The Parks Large Animals, And He Pleads For Gorongosaand Other Wild Placesto Be Allowed To Exist And Evolve In Its Timeless Way Uninterrupted Into The Future As He Examines The Near Destruction And Rebirth Of Gorongosa, Wilson Analyzes The Balance Of Nature, Which, He Observes, Teeters On A Razors Edge Loss Of Even A Single Species Can Have Serious Ramifications Throughout An Ecosystem, And Yet We Are Carelessly Destroying Complex Biodiverse Ecosystems With Unknown Consequences The Wildlands In Which These Ecosystems Flourish Gave Birth To Humanity, And It Is This Natural World, Still Evolving, That May Outlast Us And Become Our Legacy, Our Window On Eternity Just another nature book Photos and descriptions are nothing special and you can read it in an hour Yes it would be wonderful if we could preserve this place but in fact it s almost certain we won t preserve anyplace much past the middle of the next century when industrial civilization will be collapsing Official UN demographics show that of the approx 4 billion that will be added to world in next 100 years or so, 3 billion will be in Africa and there will be nothing left of nature, peace, decency or sanity Starvation, disease, crime, violence and war will sweep over the earth as they are even now Even if a few places are protected by shooting anyone who tries to enter, global warming will drastically transform the planet and force the 11 billion into a much smaller space as the sea rises as much as 200 feet Only the forceful reduction to a billion or so can prevent this and I don t see it happening Only good news for me is that I won t have descendants and won t be here to see it.
The ebook is WONDERFUL I was unaware of the existence of this national park in Mozambique until I saw E.
O Wilson interviewed recently It is very encouraging to know that such a place exists and is being cared for so diligently The short video on the young man of the village, a scientist in the making, is excellent and together with the book by Wilson it gives encouragement to those who are concerned about our planet s future Highly recommended Ottimo acquisto bel libro, di grande interesse ed ideali per chi sia appassionato di natura e di fotografia naturalistica.
Consegna in anticipo rispetto al previsto, imballaggio adeguato e libro in perfette condizioni, come nuovo.
This book is a beacon of hope, an example of what humanity can do if it wishes species to survive in their diversity Gorongosa was a war torn park, species were reduced from hundreds to sometimes single digits An entrepreneur, Gregory C Carr, along with E O Wilson to open a biodiversity research center there, has re established the mega fauna to almost its original state As habitat loss and poaching decrease wild animal populations world wide, this book is a positive note on what one species can do to open the window on eternity for itself and many others.

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XXXXX Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique, Southeast Africa , with the mountain Mt Gorongosa forming its northwestern border, is a global treasure Its forested plateau is the southernmost extension of Africa s Great Rift Valley, a domain of savanna, dry forest, and grassland centered around Lake Urema and fed by a lacework of rivers and tributary streams The eastern slope of Mount Gorongosa is covered by a series of vegetation zones weakly divided by elevation and capped by the summit rain forest Close by rise three seldom visited inselbergs, miniature peaks of lower elevation.
To the east of the massif is a region of caves and exposed limestone ridges and intervening deep ravines, their sides and bottoms heavily grown in rain forest, also awaiting exploration This mix provides the greatest variety of habitats of any park in Mozambique, and one of the most diverse in the entire world.
In the whole of the park have been found so far 398 bird speciescompared with 914 in all of North America 123 mammalswhich is well above the 67 species livingin Yellowstone National Park 34 reptile species and 43 amphibian species It is just an educated guess, but I am reasonably certain that the resident species of insects, arachnids, and other invertebrates number in the tens of thousands The above comes from this revealing book by Edward O Wilson He is one of the leading biologists in the world Wilson is the author of many prize winning books He has received than one hundred awards including the U.
S National Medal of Science, two Pulitzer Prizes in nonfiction, International Prize for Biology, and the Carl Sagan Award for Public Understanding of Science Wilson is currently Honorary Curator in Entomology and University Research Professor Emeritus, Harvard University.
There are three parts to this book 1 Text or main narrative by Wilson 2 Photographs in color 3 DVD by an award winning filmmaker What can I say about this extraordinary book Between Wilson s splendid main narrative and the gorgeous photographs, I learned a lot about a piece of paradise If that s not enough, the DVD a companion to the book entitled The Guide is beautifully filmed It catches the essence of the book through the eyes of one of the park s young indigenous inhabitants who is also briefly mentioned in the book and may well, in the future, become this park s ambassador We also get to see the man himself, Professor Wilson, and the philanthropist who made everything possible, Greg Carr It was Carr who conceived and brought to reality the rebirth of this majestic park Note that the DVD is located in a pouch at the back of the book Where does the title of this book come from The wild lands of Africa that includes Gorongosa National Park gave birth to humanity, and it is this natural world, still evolving, that may outlast us humans and become our legacy, our WINDOW ON ETERNITY.
Finally, the front cover of this book displayed above by shows the lush canopy of the forest and two inselbergs in the western part of Gorongosa National Park.
In conclusion, the subtitle of this book is entitled A biologist s walk through Gorongosa National Park What a wonderful walk it is Book published 2014 prologue 11 chapters main narrative 140 pages acknowledgements notes index DVD 2013 40 min wide screen Stephen PLETKO, London, Ontario, Canada XXXXX