↠´ A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine  Download by Ó Ellen Evert Hopman

↠´ A Druid's Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine  Download by Ó Ellen Evert Hopman There is just so much goodness packed into this concise and fascinating reference book In addition to valuable instruction on medicinal uses and recipes for trees in our own backyards, the history and lore of this knowledge is described in beautiful detail I know I will use this book forever and continue to pass on this wisdom that every human should know for healing themselves, their families and their community.
An In Depth Look At The History, Herbal Uses, And Spiritual Aspects Of The Sacred Trees In The Ancient Celtic Ogham Tree Alphabet Details The Trees Of The Ogham Alphabet And Their Therapeutic And Magical Virtues Examines The Forest Druid Practices Associated With Each Tree As Well As The Traditional Uses In Native American Medicine Describes The Celtic Fire Festivals And How Each Tree Is Featured In These Holy Days By The Author Of A Druids Herbal For The Sacred Earth YearThe Druids Used The Ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet To Work Magic And Honor The Dead, Surrounding Each Letter With Medicinal And Spiritual Lore Poets And Bards Created A Secret Sign Language To Describe The Letters, Each Of Which Is Named For A Tree Or A Plant For Centuries This Language Was Transmitted Only Orally In Order To Protect Its SecretsCombining Her Extensive Herbal Knowledge And Keen Poetic Insight, Ellen Evert Hopman Delves Deeply Into The Historic Allusions And Associations Of Each Of The Letters Of The Ogham Tree Alphabet She Also Examines Native American Healing Methods For Possible Clues To The Way Ancient Europeans May Have Used These Trees As Healing Agents Druidic Spiritual Practices, Herbal Healing Remedies, And Plant Lore Are Included For Each Tree In The Alphabet As Well As How Each Is Used In Traditional Rituals Such As The Celtic Fire Festivals And Other Celebrations Hopman Also Includes A Pronunciation Guide For The Oghams And Information On The Divinatory Meanings Associated With Each Tree I really love the druid herbal series that Ms Hopman shared Very informative easy to read wealth of knowledge and wisdom I recommend reading and rereading Use as a seasonal source book But it Use it.
A must read book.

Although difficult to read in part because of the old language and its pronunciation, it still holds valuable information for those interested in the subject I would recommend it if you have great patience to read this and constantly like I do refer to the pronunciation guide in the back of this book A great tool to learn the old language though This was such an interesting read I may never indulge in tree medicine but the history of the druids was very intriguing and enlightening I would suggest it for anyone that wants to know about our ancient trees and if your interesting in druid knowledge and ways I rented it from the library and couldn t take enough notes to satisfy my curiosity, so I ended up buying it from Best to read in the spring as many of the tinctures and poltices use spring time bark After reading this book I wanted to identify all my neighborhood trees and really enjoy what we take for granted every day Hope you enjoy the read too.
The only disadvantage to the book is knowing where to cut the bark and how to really prepare the medicines in the book I would like to engage but the directions are not in print.