Download Epub Format ✓ A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice PDF by ß Jane Austen

Download Epub Format ✓ A Guinea Pig Pride & Prejudice PDF by ß Jane Austen Perfect coffee table book.
The photos are adorable Love this book I really love it.
Amazing Made me laugh so much A very cute book with good photographs.
Do not expect the whole novel, the book is only small and has only 50 pages, but it is a fantastic book.
Anyone will enjoy the photo s even if they have never heard off or read the story before If you liked the novel you will love this versionIt would make a great secret santa present for anyone.
At fourteen years old, Pride and Prejudice was one of the O level English Literature texts that I was expected to read.
It was roundly disliked in the class but so what That was 1984 and you did as you were told.
We tried to seek mirth in the gay balls at Meryton and to understand the humour as explained by our patient teacher Mrs Cameron Alas, without any belly laughs crude enough for comprehensive educated teens it must have been a thankless task for the dear lady.
THEN came the BBC Colin Firth version I sat on his bed many a time any newspaper want the exclusive rights to my story and suddenly it became a great, witty story indeed.
BUT THEN came A Guinea Pig Pride and Predjudice and all became clear, enacted by these wise little rodents Their impressive acting skills illustrate this heavily abridged version My favourites are Elizabeth snubbing Mr Collins p 15 and Wickham A gamester p 33.
Mainly for my guinea pig loving fourteen year old who has never been forced to read this 18th Century comedy and, yes, a great deal for his mum and me, I ordered this as a stocking filler from SantaIt came with the usualefficiency great job, guys.
So if you love Pride and Prejudice as a novel or even as a film TV series or if you love the antics of guinea pigs, buy this book.
It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, That A Single Man In Possession Of A Good Fortune Must Be In Want Of A Wife And Mrs Bennet Has Five Unmarried Daughters In Want Of Husbands Life Is Fairly Uneventful Until A Promising Young Man, Mr Bingley, Takes The Nearby Estate Of Netherfield Park And With Him Comes A Handsome Friend, Whom The Ladies See Brooding In The Corner At The Next Ball The Dashing Mr Darcy Gains The Admiration Of Every Lady In The Room, Until, That Is, He Refuses To Dance With Elizabeth Bennet As Time Passes And Their Acquaintance Grows, However, Mr Darcy Begins To Find Elizabeths Face Rendered Uncommonly Intelligent By The Beautiful Expression Of Her Dark Eyes Here Is A Brand New Abridgement Of The Classic Jane Austen Novel This Time With A Cute, Humble And Handsome Cast Of Guinea Pigs In The Starring Roles Its Even Dreamy To Fall In Love With A Furry Mr Darcy This is my favourite Jane Austen version of all time, the text is short, but captures the humour and lightness of touch of the original The whole thing is done with real affection and humour, with some cracking pairings of text and image The description of Elizabeth Bennet s brown eyes had me giggling.
The pricing seems an absolute giveaway, and this is well worth buying multiple copies of and giving away to all and sundry.
Much fun will be had by all.
I bought this for my god daughter because she s guinea pig mad, and she would probably give it 5 stars because of that It really is a one joke book though, and delightful as the photos are I really think it s a lot of money to pay for something with such a limited appeal and shelf life.
Loved by guinea pig mad daughter who already has the Nativity version Have been asked to buy another for next Xmas.