[ Pdf A Pragmatist's Guide to Leveraged Finance: Credit Analysis for Bonds and Bank Debt (paperback) ↠´ noir PDF ] by Robert S. Kricheff ß g-couture.co.uk

[ Pdf A Pragmatist's Guide to Leveraged Finance: Credit Analysis for Bonds and Bank Debt (paperback) ↠´ noir PDF ] by Robert S. Kricheff ß The book is a great overview of the modern theory of Leveraged Finance It s very general and easy to read It s reasonably short If your goal is to get familiarize with LF, this is the book to start with.
The High Yield Leveraged Bond And Loan Market Junk Bonds Is Now Valued At Trillion In North America, Trillion In Europe, And Another Trillion In Emerging Markets Whats , Based On The Maturity Schedules Of Current Debt, Its Poised For Massive Growth To Successfully Issue, Evaluate, And Invest In High Yield Debt, However, Financial Professionals Need Credit And Bond Analysis Skills Specific To These Instruments Now, For The First Time, Theres A Complete, Practical, And Expert Tutorial And Workbook Covering All Facets Of Modern Leveraged Finance Analysis In A Pragmatists Guide To Leveraged Finance, Credit Suisse Managing Director Bob Kricheff Explains Why Conventional Analysis Techniques Are Inadequate For Leveraged Instruments, Clearly Defines The Unique Challenges Sellers And Buyers Face, Walks Step By Step Through Deriving Essential Data For Pricing And Decision Making, And Demonstrates How To Apply It Using Practical Examples, Sample Documents, Excel Worksheets, And Graphs, Kricheff Covers All This, And Much Yields, Spreads, And Total Return Ratio Analysis Of Liquidity And Asset Value Business Trend Analysis Modeling And Scenarios Potential Interest Rate Impacts Evaluating And Potentially Escaping Leveraged Finance Covenants How To Assess Equity And Why It Matters Investing On News And Events Early Stage Credit And Creating Accurate Credit Snapshots This Book Is An Indispensable Resource For All Investment And Underwriting Professionals, Money Managers, Consultants, Accountants, Advisors, And Lawyers Working In Leveraged Finance In Fact, It Teaches Credit Analysis Skills That Will Be Valuable In Analyzing A Wide Variety Of Higher Risk Investments, Including Growth Stocks Awesome book, Bob is a real expert on the matter.

I think the title sums up the book perfectly As someone who works in the credit world but is also working to develop a credit research skill set, I can say that this book connects the dots between theoretical studies and real world application The book walks the reader through the process of taking financial statements as they are provided by a company and then extrapolating the data necessary to derive key metrics that are used in the marketplace today to value debt securities The author combines fundamental research with real world scenarios to give the reader an excellent insight into how and why deals are being done All in all a very enjoyable and informational read.
Was a nice quick and dirty into leverage finance I think the price should be about 20 though If you can find this book used for cheaper that would probably be your best option.