✓ A Year in Marrakesh ☆ Download by ✓ Peter Mayne

✓ A Year in Marrakesh ☆ Download by ✓ Peter Mayne Having Learned To Appreciate Muslim Life While Living In Pakistan, Peter Mayne Settled Down To Live In The Back Streets Of Marrakesh In The S Rather Than Watch From The Shelter Of A Hotel Terrace, He Rented Rooms, Learned The Language, Made Friends, And Became Embroiled In Conspiratorial Picni, Hashish Laced Dinners And In The Enchantments And Misunderstandings Of The Street, With Its Festivals, Love Affairs, Potions And Gossip By Turns Used, Abused And Cherished By His Neighbours, Mayne Wrote Their Letters For Them And Captured The Essence Of Their Lives In This Affectionate And Hilarious Acount Very interesting, very readable not comprehensive but a nice view into a slice of life that gives you a feel for customs of Morocco.
Written in the 1950s, but the insights are still valuable The author had interesting friends, and lived in several different hotels and houses, Marrakech Many customs and habits are unchanged A good background read before traveling to Morocco.
charming read Everyone should read this An unvarnished, witty account of A Year in Marrakesh by a man who really loved to get to know new cultures.
Did not particularly like the author s writing style.
Enjoyable and quick read WIth a looming visit to Morocco coming up I wasn t looking for a touristy book about Morocco, and this fit the bill Find out the day to day lives of an ancient city Even though this was many decades ago I have heard that there are still many portions of Morocco that still closely reflect what this author witnessed as he was writing his novel.
I am looking forward to seeing some of the landmarks mentioned in this book as well as mimicking some of his day to day visits to cafe s and tea houses.
Enjoyable and quick read