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[ Read Online Action Figures of the 1980s ↠´ visual-art PDF ] by John Marshall ↠´ From GI Joe T To Star Wars T John Marshall Has Provided A Thorough, Informative, And Entertaining Look At The Action Figures Produced During The S In Over Superb Color Photographs, Fans Of The Pocket Sized GI Joes T, Of Movie And TV Characters, Of Fantasy Figures, He Man T, The Thunder Cats T, Super Heroes, Of Those Ever Popular Quick Change Artists Of The Robot World The Transformers T, And Even Pro Wrestling Fanatics Will Find Figures Here To Warm Their Souls Price Listings Are Provided For Every Figure Shown And For Every Known Figure Produced Within A Particular Product Line Price Ranges Are Provided Both For Figures That Are Mint In The Box And For Those Which, While Running Loose, Have Retained All Of Their Accessories And Lost None Of Their Finish This book is certainly good for reference However, the author obviously thinks very highly of himself and his humour, which is often childish He is also convinced that he knows what is good and what sucks, and if you disagree, it s because you don t know as much as he does This may be partly because he grew up in the 70 s rather than the 80 s, and as such views these toys as a collector rather than as a fan He also occasionally shows ignorance of the subject matter For instance, he refers to Sectaurs as Warlords of Symbion, rather then Warriors He is also unaware of the fact there was a Defenders of the Earth cartoon in the 80 s, evidenced by his puzzlement at the very existence of such an action figure line The frequent typographical errors are also irritating.
This book does have a lot of information and some great photos but it seems lacking Some toys lines are missing or not completely covered and some have no photos at all My biggest gripe is the errors in the book the author is supposed to be some kind of toy expert but he refers to Powermaster Optimus Prime as a Pretender and some figures have the wrong name assigned to their picture All in all, it s not a bad book but not worth the price of it.
Lots of great photos Under every single photo did you have to have in print Courtesy of Play with This Kind of annoying and distracting Instead, couldn t something have gone in the back of the book that says, Pictures 1 300 Courtesy of.
I bought this as a gift for my toy collector friend, and he loved it It goes without saying that these old price guides are not worth buying for any pricing information whatsoever but they re incredibly fun to browse through