Download Epub Format ☆ Advanced Techniques in Day Trading: A Practical Guide to High Probability Day Trading Strategies and Methods PDF by Þ Andrew Aziz

Download Epub Format ☆ Advanced Techniques in Day Trading: A Practical Guide to High Probability Day Trading Strategies and Methods PDF by Þ Andrew Aziz This Well Thought Out Training Regimen Begins With An In Depth Look At The Necessary Tools Of The Trade Including Your Scanner, Software And Platform And Then Moves To Practical Advice On Subjects Such As How To Find The Right Stocks To Trade, How To Define Support And Resistance Levels, And How To Best Manage Your Trades In The Stress Of The MomentAn Extensive Review Of Proven Trading Strategies Follows, All Amply Illustrated With Real Examples From Recent Trades Risk Management Is Addressed Including Tips On How To Determine Proper Entry, Profit Targets And Stop Losses Lastly, To Bring It All Together, There S A Behind The Scenes Look At The Author S Thought Process As He Walks You Through A Number Of Trades While Aimed At The Reader With Some Exposure To Day Trading, The Novice Trader Will Also Find Much Useful Information, Easily Explained, On The Pages WithinIn This Book, You Ll Learn How To Start Day Trading As A Business How To Day Trade Stocks, Not Gamble On Them How To Choose A Direct Access Broker, And Required Tools And Platforms How To Plan Important Day Trading Strategies How To Execute Each Trading Strategies In Detail Entry, Exit, Stop Loss How To Manage The Trading Plan Just wanted to start off by saying a big thank you for authoring two of the best day trading books around I read your first book around 8 months ago and fell in love with your writing style You have a way of conveying information with a degree of candor in a very concise laymen terms type way Since I had such a great experience reading your first book I decided to pick up your second book not too long ago, and I m glad to say that I ve nearly finished polishing that one off as well.
Advanced Techniques in Day Trading is the latest book by Dr Andrew Aziz His first book was How to Day Trade for a Living which I have come to regard as the essential introductory guide to day trading In his newest book, he further delves into the psychology and the probabilistic nature of trading He also explains how use the necessary trading tools and how to setup your platform You will learn how to find and build your stocks in play watchlist in the morning and denote important levels in your stock chart The book introduces and illustrates candlestick charting and important patterns to recognize As Dr Aziz explains that a successful day trader is a social psychologist behind a computer and charting software He expands with greater detail the most relevant and important strategies needed to be successful in today s ever changing market.
Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in day trading or even a seasoned professional seeking an update on the latest techniques This book maintains the easy to understand language that made his first book so well received For me, Advanced Techniques in Day Trading is the single most valuable resource I use everyday in my day trading career.
I found the author s previous book beginners guide to day trading helpful So I bought this new book by him However I am disappointed Although the title says advanced technologies , this book is basically a long version of his previous book The contents are not advanced instead it even spends pages explain what limit orders and market orders are Do not buy even you are looking for an advanced book.
Anyone interested in day trading should read this book Simple strategies and great sections on risk management and trading psychology Highly recommended.
I am still reading the book but really like what I am reading so far This book is an extension of Andrew s best seller How to Day Trade for a Living In this books, the strategies and trading methodologies are explained in much details with many examples I think Andrew has done an awesome job and I would highly recommend this book for anyone wants to venture into the world of stocks day trading.
I have read couple of other books on trading, but this book turned out to be the best This book has the knowledge and education, which other traders are selling for 11000 US or even If you want start day trading, this book is all you need Andrew has explained all the process of day trading very intellectually and importantly, honestly.
Andrew Aziz shows his thought process and logic of many practical examples that demonstrate his day trading strategies Additionally, he is quick to remind us of the seriousness behind the profession of day trading, that we must maintain our disipline, manage our risk, and focus on being a consistently profitable trader.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone serious about Day Trading.