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[ Pdf Among Grizzlies: Living with Wild Bears in Alaska ↠´ nursing PDF ] by Timothy Treadwell ↠´ Living With Wild Bears In AlaskaA Heart Stopping Eco Adventure, A Testimony To Both The Grizzlies And Their Courageous Protector PeopleThe Grizzly Bear Is One Of A Very Few Animals Remaining On Earth That Can Kill A Human In Physical Combat It Can Decapitate With A Single Swipe Or Grotesquely Disfigure A Person In Rapid Order Within The Last Wilderness Areas Where They Dwell, They Are The Undisputed King Of All Beasts I Know This Very Well My Name Is Timothy Treadwell, And I Live With The Wild Grizzly After Timothy Treadwell Nearly Died From A Heroin Overdose, He Sought Healing Far From The Trappings Of Civilization Among Wild Grizzlies On The Remote Alaskan Coast Without Gun, Two Way Radio, Or Experience Living In The Wild, Armed Only With The Love And Respect He Felt For These Majestic Animals, Treadwell Set Up Camp Surrounded By One Of Nature S Most Terrifying And Fascinating Forces Of NatureHere Is The Story Of His Astonishing Adventures With Grizzlies Soothing Aggressive Adolescents, Facing Down Thousand Pound Males, Swimming With Mothers And Cubs, Surviving Countless Brushes With Death, Earning Their Trust And Acceptance In These Incredible Pages, Treadwell Lives A Life No Human Has Ever Attempted, And Ultimately Saves His Own To Share His Experience Is Awesome, Harrowing, And Unforgettable LIKE AFRICA NATURALIST JANE GOODALL, TREADWELL GIVES PERSONAL NAMES TO HIS SUBJECTS Bears Have Distinct Personalities, Treadwell Shows, And As A Group, Individual Roles Become Clearly Defined By Gender, Size, And Age The Seattle TimesWith Twenty Nine Photographs Good book, but it looks like Mr Treadwell finally met his match He was killed by a bear this past weekend in Alaska Here is an excerpt from the news story A self styled bear expert who once called Alaska s brown bears harmless party animals was one of two people fatally mauled in a bear attack in Katmai National Park and Preserve the first known bear killings in the 4.
7 million acre park.
The bodies of Timothy Treadwell, 46, and Amie Huguenard, 37, both of Malibu, Calif.
, were found near Kaflia Bay on Monday when a pilot with Andrew Airways arrived to pick them up and take them to Kodiak, Alaska state troopers said The park is on the Alaska Peninsula.
Treadwell, co author of Among Grizzlies Living With Wild Bears in Alaska, spent than a dozen summers living alone with Katmai bears, and videotaping them Information on Huguenard was not immediately available.
The Andrew Airways pilot contacted troopers in Kodiak and the National Park Service in King Salmon after he saw a brown bear, possibly on top of a body, in the camp Monday afternoon.
Park rangers encountered a large, aggressive male brown bear when they arrived at the campsite Katmai park ranger Joel Ellis said two officers stood by with shotguns as he fired 11 times with a semiautomatic handgun before the animal fell 12 feet away.
Investigators then found human remains buried by a bear near the campsite, which was in a brushy area with poor visibility.
No weapons were found at the scene, Park Service spokeswoman Jane Tranel said Firearms are prohibited in that part of the park.
The remains and the entire campsite were packed out Monday and transported to Kodiak on the Andrew Airways flight.
Either Treadwell or Huguenard had made a satellite phone call to a friend around 11 a.
m Sunday, and there apparently was no problem at the time, Ellis said But the bottom line is, we really may never know exactly what happened There were no witnesses, he said.
As the plane was being loaded, another aggressive bear approached and was killed by park rangers and troopers The bear was younger, possibly a 3 year old, according to Bruce Bartley, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in King Salmon.
The bodies were flown to the state Medical Examiner s Office for autopsy.
Dean Andrew, owner of Andrew Airways, said the pilot was too upset to comment The company had been flying Treadwell out to Katmai for 13 years and Huguenard for the past couple of years Andrew said Treadwell was an experienced outdoorsman We were all good friends with him, he said We haven t had time to deal with it Treadwell was known for his brazen confidence around bears He often got so close he could touch them He gave them names Once he was filmed crawling along the ground singing as he approached a sow and two cubs.
Over the years, Park Service officials, biologists and others expressed concern about his safety and the message he was sending At best he s misguided, Deb Liggett, superintendent at Katmai and Lake Clark national parks, told the Anchorage Daily News in 2001 At worst, he s dangerous If Timothy models unsafe behavior, that ultimately puts bears and other visitors at risk That same year, Treadwell was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman, describing Alaska brown bears as mostly harmless party animals He said he felt safer living among the bears than running through New York s Central Park.
In his book, Treadwell said he decided to devote himself to saving grizzlies after a drug overdose, followed by several close calls with brown bears in early trips to Alaska.
He said those experiences inspired him to give up drugs, study bears and establish a non profit bear appreciation group, called Grizzly People

Actually, against my better taste, I enjoyed reading this book However, I thought Threadwell was smoking something funny as his behavior seem to be so dangerous The author was mauled and eaten by a bear in Alaska last October 2003 and the book seem to show why He seem to treat bears like people but he forgot that like people, bears can go good, indifferent or bad Ironically, just like its very dangerous for bears to lose their fear of humans, its equally dangerous for a man to lose his fear of the bear The book clearly shows that Threadwell slowly overcoming his fear of bears although he remains wary and actually feeling comfortable around them as the pages turned That can be considered as a bad move, arrogant and presumptuous Threadwell also seem to mistaken bears tolerance for him as some sort of a mystic connection He began to treat these bears as if they were his personal wild pets, giving them names and intruding into their space Such behavior only works while the bears were amazingly tolerant of Threadwell s presence Although he had many close calls, it wasn t enough to bring caution into his mind Despite of his obvious love of bears and fear that one of them might get kill because of him, Threadwell didn t seem to mind that he put himself in harm s way Although Threadwell stated that he don t mind being bear fodder, he obviously fought back hard if the newspaper accounts were correct when he was about to become the next afternoon snack The book also seem to revealed Threadwell s obession with proachers and all that although Threadwell don t go into any kind of details I was left with an impression that maybe the author took some liberties while writing this book.
Like many reviewers here, I ve had a fascination with grizzlies since I was a boy, and Treadwell s book, though I ve only read snippets of it, is fascinating The man definitely had a way with bears, and as much as I m fascinated with his stories, I m just as appalled by them too, which brings me to my point How far should a person go to risk life and limb, to completely abandon reason and logic all in the name of research to study a creature with the capability of decapitating a man with one swipe of it s paw Answer Never To be sure, this devil may care approach DOES make for entertaining reading, but sadly, the consequences can be, sometimes are, and in this case, WAS, just too great The result Fate finally caught up with Tim Treadwell.
Perhaps of even greater concern is that it sets a poor example for others to follow, especially impressionable folk who fancy themselves would be Grizzly Adams or Tim Treadwells Treadwell himself admitted that he was terrified of this.
and then there s this thing about giving grizzlies cute and cuddly names that erases all semblence of the dangerous predators that they are, and reduces them into something akin to cute, overstuffed teddy bears Treadwell s comments during interviews, a la David Letterman indicate that he thought of these creatures as party animals Give me a break Finally, there s Treadwell the man Anyone even vaguely familiar with Treadwell s background, with it s drug and alcohol addictions, his self confessed barely self contained anger , would probably come to the conclusion, as others here have, that Treadwell had a secret deathwish After all, anyone who would comment that It would be an honor to wind up as bears t can t be firing with all cylinders.
Well, several months ago his wish was granted, and though his death was a tragedy, I consider his girlfriend s death an even greater one it s ashamed that innocent people have to suffer for the egotistical foolishness of others Also, two bears were killed, which made this already tragic scenario even MORE tragic.
In closing, I thought at first that Treadwell s untimely demise was totally needless, a sensless event that didn t have to happen given his options for protecting himself After giving this matter a little consideration however, I realized it DID have an intrinsic value of sorts, especially to all would be Treadwell imitators To wit When dealing with dangerous animals leave your ego at home and bring a healthy dose of common sense instead Better yet, bring a rifle.