Trailer  Among the Children of the Sun: Travels In the Family Islands of the Bahamas PDF by ô Marvin W. Hunt

Trailer  Among the Children of the Sun: Travels In the Family Islands of the Bahamas PDF by ô Marvin W. Hunt I have never been to the Bahamas but love to read real travel stories I felt like reading something sunny, warm, and beachy and decided to give this book a try I ordered the paperback version and really enjoyed reading it This book has given me a great view of the islands and makes me want to visit them some day I want to find those private pools of water and go snorkeling I like that there is a mix of adventure and history so you truly learn a lot about the country and its culture while following the discoveries of the author The narration is very entertaining and draws you in Lots of funny anecdotes Highly recommend to anyone who loves a good travel story or plans on learning about the Bahamas.
Marvin Hunt S Remarkable Among The Children Of The Sun Takes Readers To An Island Nation That Millions Of People Visit Yearly, But Few Actually Know Much About Bypassing The Well Known Resorts Of Nassau And Freeport, He Concentrates On Life In The Other Islands Of The Bahamas The Family Islands Hunt Explores The Geology Of These Islands The Racial, Social And Political History Of The Nation Its Storied History As An Eighteenth Century Haven For Pirates Its Customs, Its Food And Music Its Religious Traditions And The Challenges It Faces As An Emerging Nation, In A Lively Narrative, Reminiscent Of Paul Theroux, That Spans Fifteen Years Of Travel Richly Detailed, Full Of Lively Encounters With People And Places, Among The Children Of The Sun Does What No Other Book About The Bahamas Has Done Take Readers Beyond The Name Tags And Smiling Faces Of Those Who Service The Tourist Industry, Into Their Real Lives, Conveying The Triumphs And Tragedies Of Ordinary People Living In An Extraordinary Landscape It Is A Work Of Self Discovery, Too, As The Author Comes To Terms With His Own Evolving Life Very much enjoyed reading this book As a long time visitor and now winter resident of an out island, I at first thought it might be one of those I have been here a few weeks and can tell you what s what books But, in fact, the author seems to have developed a real sense of the island life for the locals and visitors, with compassion and intelligent analysis I especially liked his appreciate of the intensity of the life and death cycles here, through closeness to raw nature and the limits of island life in a medical crisis He integrated research into the geology and political social cultural contexts with a light touch that is easy and enjoyable to read A great book to enjoy while visiting The Bahamas, or while dreaming of coming here, There s nothing I love than travel writing, and this book is among the best travel books I ve read Mr Hunt tells deeply personal accounts of his travels throughout the Bahamas, connecting with the people and the land After reading this book, I m dying to go explore the Bahamas for myself.
This is a well written book and very entertaining to read The writer gives some great insights to the Bahama Islands and the people that have lived there I loved the stories concerning the history of the Pirates and the story of the Glass Window Bridge I have never been there, but I will go and this book will guide my way Congrats on a great read.

Among the Children of the Sun was a book I happily returned to again and again after the usual daily interruptions I learned about Bahamian wildlife, pirates, natives, politicians, priests, the history of various islands in the chain, and Hunt has a gift for lively sentences that put you right in the seat next to him on a rough inbound flight Water drops scudded across my window and we were flying over what seemed to be a washboard, bumping and grinding down through the clouds We meet interesting characters too, learn about John Hawes, an architect and builder of beautiful churches, finally a pilgrim and seeker who became a hermit Franciscan before he died Some characters often though not exclusively met in beachside bars provide comic relief On the tragic side, I found nothing compelling than story of Sam Pedican s death on the treacherous Glass Window Bridge a real grabber, raw material for a mystery novel or film Another treat is Hunt s enticing description of the Bahamian waters A scuba diver myself, I marveled at his vivid, tangible renderings of the underwater world, reef and coral teeming with colorful fish This is a fine book, a helpful read for anyone planning a trip to the Bahamas, or needing a nostalgic look in the rearview.
Marvin Hunt knows the Bahamas from decades of travel there and knows how to tell enchanting, intriguing stories as he wanders down another street through another village, island or beach to meet yet another stranger that he will weave into his narrative The author s wanderlust pays off for the reader time and again whether he is entering the spirit world of West African Obeah on Cat Island or diving into the coral canyons off Harbour Island But there s much here too as the changing political and social realities of the Bahamas, from centuries old causes to contemporary stresses and fault lines, deepen the view of this beautiful, tragic place Hunt again and again gives in to his craving to drive until the road runs out but his stories never give out nor will the memories one takes away from reading this richly entertaining book.