Trailer ✓ An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qu'raan PDF by Ö Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi

Trailer ✓ An Introduction to the Sciences of the Qu'raan PDF by Ö Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur Aan Presents A Detailed And Through Explanation Of The Sciences Related To The History, Understanding And Implementation Of The Qur AanThe Book Provides The English Reader With A Detailed Analysis Of Classic Muslim Scholarship Regarding The Process Of Inspiration Wahy The Various Means Of Classifying Verses Of The Qur Aan The History Of The Compilation Of The Qur Aan The Meaning Of The Seven Ahruf And The Ten Qira Aat Of The Qur Aan The Miraculous Nature Of The Qur Aan The Concept Of Abrogation In The Qur Aan The Procedure And Methodology Of Tafseer And Many Other TopicsThe Work Has A Number Of Sections Dedicated To Explaining The Traditional Muslim Refutations Of Certain Beliefs Of The Ash Arees With Regards To The Qur Aan This Book Also Includes Detailed Discussions On Modern Western Scholarship Of The Qur Aan After Presenting A History Of The English Translation Of The Qur Aan, Along With A Critical Review Of Some Translations, The Author Discusses And Refutes Common Orientalist Polemic Literature On The Qur AanThe Work Is Unique In That It Presents Classic Material In A Simple And Modern Style, While Maintaining A High Academic Level It Is The Most Advanced Work Of Its Kind In The English Language, And A Necessary Reference For All Serious Students Of Islamic Knowledge One of the best and comprehensive book on the subject Absolutely stunning I wish shk Yassir can do a deeper andextensive work for intermediate level students of this subject Perfect introduction to the sciences of the Quran Pretty straightforward and easy to read but rather extensive at the same time covering many different topics relating to the Quran.
Excellent resource for grasping a holistic, introductory understanding of the Quran.
excellent and informative book Brilliant if you want a littledepth in this area.
I ve not come across anything this detailed in English.
Excellent resource for folks studying Islamic sciences or want to know Quranic sciences It s also a great companion for his live seminar on Quranic science.