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[ Pdf Artful Paper Dolls: New Ways to Play with a Traditional Form ¸ womens-rights PDF ] by Terry Taylor Ê Great ideas and materials and how to all well done The themes are lovely also I have made some new things with the ideas generated from this lovely book.
very good, a really inspiring book full of great ideas Terry Taylorthe Bestselling Author Of Altered Artbrings The Same Keen Sense Of Imagination, Design, And Play To A Classic Favorite Paper Dolls These Creatively Constructed Versions Are All Grown Up And Influenced By Altered Arts Wide Ranging And Wildly Popular Techniques From Representational To Abstract, Human To Animal, The Interpretations Are Limitless A unique and quirky look at paper dolls Great visual stimulus for your own creativity A radical rethink of a traditional idea.
Can t say enough good things about this beautiful, innovative book Being a paper doll fan since childhood, this book has been a feast for my imagination I have made several gifts inspired by projects and everyone loves them because I have used images of loved ones to make unique paper dolls It is truly a treasure If you love paper dolls, or are just interested in learning about them, this is a great book for both The author gives short history snippets at the beginning of the chapters which creates a well rounded history of paper dolls.
The book is divided into four topics paper dolls, dresses, houses, and paper doll books Each topic contains great ideas along with big, full color photos Some of the paper doll and clothes ideas are kinda weird, but hey, it s art and it s about time people realized that paper dolls are an art form There are lots of ideas for creating your own paper dolls, and they range in all kinds of styles One really cute idea deals with scanning computer parts into a computer and then using the scanned images to create a paper doll that looks like a weird, but very cute, robot paper doll This is just one of the wonderful and highly unique ideas that the author includes in this book.
Of course, these aren t all Taylor s ideas he shares the spotlight with other skilled, paper doll artists This gives a diversity of artwork, dolls, and paper doll art books for readers to examine and get inspiration and ideas from The author also includes several paper doll templates at the back of the book.
This book is so much then just about the Ken and Barbie type paper dolls you see in stores, its about REAL paper doll art If you like making paper dolls and are looking for ways to expand your paper doll horizons, get this book.
I have always like toying in an artsy way with paper and images, and this is one of the greatest books I have seen for generating ideas and showing some techniques and approaches to paper collages, diaramas, collages I had first gotten this at the library and loved it knew it was worth owning It has lots of different ideas and approaches, and I am glad to own it so I can peruse it from time to time for ideas and just for pleasure I highly recommend this book

What a fun book I truly enjoyed the journey from dolls I have played with in my lifetime to experimental ways to play with the idea of a paper doll It is fun, and an inspiration I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves paper dolls, or really to anyone who just wants to play with dolls as an art form.
This is a great book with loads of ideas if you want to make quirky paper dolls, or if you just like looking at them I found it very inspiring.
I received this book yesterday and cannot put it down It has so many wonderful examples of altered paper dolls but also has great images of original dolls from the past There are just enough how to pages to inspire, they do not compel you to copy the works shown but use them as a starting point I was dubious of buying a altered art project book by a man silly me The upside is there is no mush, some nostalgia but none of the ribbons and lace and fru fru you sometimes get with craft books especially doll ones I can t recommend this book highly enough and will be ordering his other books today