ì Arts and Crafts of Morocco î Download by À James F Jereb

ì Arts and Crafts of Morocco î Download by À James F Jereb Reveals The Dazzling Fusion Of Cultural Influences In Moroccan Arts And CraftsIts Unique Geographical Location Established Morocco As A Center Of Cultural Exchange, And Its Remarkable Arts And Crafts Are The Product Of A Centuries Long Intermingling Of Influences From Other Parts Of Africa And The Traditions Of Islam And From The Singular Cultural Alliance Of The Moors And The Spaniards Superbly Illustrated With Than Specially Commissioned Color Photographs, Arts and Crafts of Morocco Illuminates The Wonders Of This Thriving TraditionDr James F Jerebs Pioneering Account, Based On His Own First Hand Research, Examines An Extensive Range Of Media Vibrantly Colored Textiles Jewelry In A Range Of Exquisite Configurations original Leather, Wood, And Metalwork And An Enormous Variety Of Pottery And Ceramics These Marvelous Objects Derive Either From A Rural Lifestyle, With Symbols And Patterns That Reflect The Powerful Animistic Beliefs Of The Berber Country Artisans, Or From The Cities, Where Islamic Tenets Compose The Cultural Foundation All Of These Works Are Thus Endowed With A Spiritually Charged Significance That Determines Their Functions And Ensures Their Remarkable BeautyThis In Depth Study Is Made Complete With Guidance On Moroccan Arts And Crafts From Expert Collectors And A Revealing Analysis Of The Belief Systems, Festivals, And Ceremonies That Inform The Predominant Techniques And Visual Motifs Of Moroccan Art Being excited about visiting wonderful places and buying woderful things, I have looked through several books in this series by Chronicle books Most were excellent, see the one on Indonesia but I found this one a bit lacking Perhaps it was my expectations.
While the other books provided a great insight into crafts of various regions at the time of publishing, this book of Moroccan crafts spent a lot of time speaking about history The textiles section was very thorough, but other sections such as metalwork were brief at best The photos throughout the book were mainly of antique crafts, and look like they were taken at museums.
That said, this may be nice for the amateur collector to cruise through, but if you re looking for a book to read to gain some insight into what you can find and purchase today, you may find yourself as disappointed as I was You may be better off with a Fodors guide or some other such book.
I d probably give this two and a half stars, but it s not offered and I wanted to be fair the book wasn t awful, it just wasn t what I expected.
My students loved looking at the pictures We tried to make some of the necklaces and they turned out great.
I was surprised when this book, which I purchased several years ago at a bookstore before traveling to Morocco, popped up on the list of recommendations for me with only a 3 star rating And I was bemused when I read Simonson s review, for the author s intent was not to help tourists in their hunt for souvenirs.
As is succinctly noted on the book s fly leaf, The text describes traditional artistic forms and techniques, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the belief systems, festivals and ceremonies to which the arts are linked And as the author explains in his text, It was my intention in writing this bookto underline the exchange of influences on artistic traditions and belief systems between Moroccoand sub Saharan and West Africa because modernization is fast proceeding in Moroccoand the traditional or antique pieces are vanishing Those who are looking for a book that will give them background in and thus an appreciation of Morocco s artisan traditions inspired in form and content by the tribal lifestyle and powerful animistic beliefs of the nomadic artists as well as by the aesthetic traditions of the Moslem world are fortunate that this well written book with over 150 beautifully photographed objects is available.
Because Morocco has few museums and those are often closed, you may have to scour the souks in order to see examples of Morocco s traditonal arts and crafts Thus if you find this book before going to Morocco, photocopy examples of the things that interest you so that there will be no language barrier Because I did, I enjoyed many glasses of mint tea as shop keepers brought out treasure after treasure for me to admire, even though I had stressed that I had no money to spend Not to worry, was the gist of their responses That I, thanks to this book, appreciated and knew the value of the objects I was shown was clearly what was important to them, for without exception, I was allowed to photograph the many things I wish I could have afforded, including a beautifully crafted camel harness.
If ARTS Arts and Crafts of Moroccoto find the same book, albeit with a different cover, publisher and higher price tag.
Note The editorial information about Morocco s arts and crafts is sandwiched between India s and Thailand s because cannot change it.
Travelers to Morocco will love this book, for its gorgeous photos and detailed information about crafts and art in Morocco Used it to focus on what I wanted to buy on a trip there, and purchased a beautiful burnoose