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[Mitchell Moffit] Ú AsapSCIENCE: Answers to the World's Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumors, and Unexplained Phenomena [nutrition PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë The Instant New York Times Bestselling Book Of Entertaining, Irreverent, And Totally Accessible Illustrated Answers To The Scientific Questions You Had No Idea Were Bugging You All Your Life Fast Company , From The Creators Of The Wildly Popular YouTube Channel AsapSCIENCEWhy Do We Get Hung Over What Would Happen If You Stopped Sleeping Is Binge Watching TV Actually Bad For You Why Should I Take A Power Nap In Their First Ever Book, Mitchell Moffit And Greg Brown, The Geniuses Behind The YouTube Channel AsapSCIENCE, Explain The True Science Of How Things Work In Their Trademark Hilarious And Fascinating Fashion Applying The Fun, Illustrated Format Of Their Addictive Videos To Topics Ranging From Brain Freeze To Hiccups To The Science Of The Snooze Button, AsapSCIENCE Takes The Underpinnings Of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, And Other Hard Sciences And Applies Them To Everyday Life Through Quirky And Relatable Examples That Will Appeal To Both Science Nerds And Those Who Didnt Exactly Ace Chemistry This Is The Science That People Actually Want To Learn, Shared In A Friendly, Engaging Style Science Is Big Fun The ASAP Guys Get That, And Theyll Show Youtheyll Even Draw You A Diagram Bill Nye, The Science Guy And Amid The Humor Is Great Information And Cocktail Conversation Fodder, All Thoughtfully Presented Whether Youre A Total Newbie Or The Next Albert Einstein, This Guide Is Sure To Educate And EntertainASAP This is the PERFECT coffeetable book It s such a fun, unique and interesting read You can pick it up at any time, start reading aloud for just five minutes, and suddenly the whole room has your attention, and then a huge conversation begins It s a great book and Bill Nye agrees My brother is a huge fan of ASAP Science He loves this book because it s not like his regular Science textbook he gets at school He finds it very informative and they describe it in a fun and cool way Definitely loving the drawings as well Their videos are awesome as well at Written beautifully in the same feel as the YouTube videos They bring it down to common science understanding, without dumbing it down It s a great book, quick read, and would definitely suggest it to any fans of ASAP Science, or science in general Would do well to be in classrooms as a starting point for children and preteens to get into science It s a book that explains everything so simply, yet covers the essentials of every topic presented It s everything I had hoped, and , from the people at the ASAPScience YouTube channel I definitely recommend it to everyone, especially if you 1 enjoy the YouTube channel and or 2 have a passion for science and or 3 have a burning need to understand the unknown.
Great book, high quality and very informative, the drawing are cool too if you watch their videos on their youtube channel you ll know what i m talking about and its no bs glad to help them out look getting the book just wish handling was better since when i recieve the book, there were 2 major cuts of the book cover and a couple of big dents of the cover edges The book looks great HOWEVER it won t display properly on my Kindle white and so impossible to read 8 down the drain Rather than portrait, it flips into horizontal which is useless because it shrinks itself and then the font goes wrong Not impressed.
Love the YouTube channel, so had to get this for the family.
The only issue is that the print is too small for some readers.
I personally love ASAP Science and the book exceed my expectations It is a great book if you are curious and would like to relax have a bit of fun while learning random interesting facts about life in general In addition, the illustrations are amazing I totally recommend it.