Ï Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners: Finding the Doll of Your Dreams à Download by µ Alison Boyd Rasmussen

Ï Ball-Jointed Dolls for Beginners: Finding the Doll of Your Dreams à Download by µ Alison Boyd Rasmussen I just ordered and received this book and spent a good two hours perusing it Having been in The Hobby for almost five years now, I could hardly be considered a beginner, but I LOVED this book If you collect Asian BJDs you know that there are very few books about them available, so the minute I found this book I ordered it hoping it would be worth the price It is It is a big, wonderful, full color publication with lots of photographs of lovely Peak s Wood dolls one of the few brands I don t ownhmmmmmmight have to change that When I stumbled onto Asian Ball Jointed Dolls I knew literally nothing about them, and this is the book I wish I had had back then It gives clear, well written descriptions of how to do all the important stuff that is so scary when you first get one of these naked, bald, eyeless dolls, including installing eyes and the thing that wigs newbies out the most the dreaded RE STRINGING actually not that hard, especially with this book nearby as a resource The photos the author uses to illustrate her how to do section are excellent and would be extremely helpful for not only the new doll owner, but also for picking up hints and suggestions you may not have thought of It also includes a handy guide to BJD Forum Etiquette, since much of the life of BJDs takes place in international online web forums It is a great resource for doll companies, accessories, etc AND if even includes a couple of free patterns.
If you are a newbie to BJDs this book is a MUST for you If you have been around for a few years, you will still enjoy reading the fun and entertaining text and looking at the gorgeous dolls And if you have a friend or relative who collects these dolls, I can guarantee she or he would live to find it wrapped up under the Christmas tree Founder And Editor Of The Fashion Doll Review, Alison Rasmussen Guides You Through The World Of Ball Jointed Dolls These Gorgeous Works Of Art Have Risen In Popularity Since Their Introduction In While Information About BJDs Is Available On The Web, The Author Puts Everything Together In A Humorous And User Friendly Way The Dolls Featured In The Photos Are Created By Peak S Woods In Korea The Company Granted Permission To Use Them As Models In This Book, You Will Learn The History Of The Ball Jointed Doll Commonly Used Terms And Abbreviations How To Plan For And Purchase Your First BJD That Staying Up All Night Thinking About A Doll Isn T Abnormal Budgeting Tips Advice On Navigating The Secondary Market How To Care For Your Doll, Including Restringing, Sueding And Sanding Advanced Techniques, Including A Sewing Project, Body Blushing, And How To Get Connected To The Growing BJD Community Rasmussen covers major key questions and provides a variety of sites to begin looking for your first bjd and gradually discusses advanced things like how to restring your doll.
She brings up popular and reliable materials used for doll care and creating your own custom face ups There are a lot of helpful photos that show her process and what types of face ups you can try.
It s like a fashion magazine but it includes bugeting tips and bjd term explanations I highly recommend this if you re curious about getting into the bjd hobby

Very well written and informative Great book for a beginner like me This book is not just useful to beginning collectors of ball jointed dolls BJDs it is useful for anyone who wants to learn about customizing, repairing, replacing parts and playing with these dolls The book includes valuable information for budgeting for, researching, and ordering your perfect doll The photos are detailed and give step by step instructions for re stringing, shading, and otherwise customizing your doll There are great ideas for photographing your dolls There is also an excellent and extensive listing for BJD producers, which is found at the front of the book This is a must have for any BJD collector.