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[ Pdf Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology Ê abandoned PDF ] by Tamara Callahan MD ¼ I ordered this book during my Ob gyn clerkship as a MS3 It reads like a textbook, and therefore requires a little bit of ramp up time to get into, and a littledigging to find facts on the fly So it s not really a book to carry with you on the wards for those 5 10 minute downtime periods, but it s a good read if you ve got an hour or two to kill plus it s physically too big for white coat pockets I found it to be helpful in studying for the shelf, though it should be combined with other question based resources Pre Test, Case Files, or UWorld to round out the experience.
I did have a little bit of downtime during Labor and Delivery, and was able to power through about 25% of this book I don t feel like that time was wasted, and would definitely recommend Blueprints for people looking for a narrative review without the nitty gritty of a true textbook.
Blueprints Obstetrics and Gynecology Provides Students With A Concise Review Of Content For Their Ob Gyn Rotations And The Boards Each Chapter Is Brief And Includes Pedagogical Features Such As Bolded Key Words, Tables, Figures, And Key Points New Features In This Edition Include An Image Bank And A For The Boards Section, Which PresentsClinical Vignettes With Sequential Item Set Style Questions At The End Of Each Chapter Additionally,Bonus Board Format Questions With Answers And Rationales Appear At The End Of The Book AnotherBonus Questions Are Provided Online Amazing resource for OBG Used it throughout my OBG rotation and it answered all the basic questions It sometimes go into depth but pretty high yield overall There are mistakes in the questions but I got over them.
Great review of OB GYN A lot of the doctors I was rotating with would be talking about things that were almost word for word out of the book so I guess that means it s pretty applicable to real practice I also scored above average on my shelf exam Much better than FA FA was too basic.

Pretty good book Covers all the necessary topics for the shelf exam and rotations, but it is pretty dry The included questions are nice I only read through a few chapters and mostly used questions from UWorld and APGO.
This book is very comprehensive and isof a readable text, which I tend to prefer over condensed outline type material.
However, the problem with this book is that a lot of the practice patterns in Ob Gyn have changed since it was originally published For example, the ACOG guidelines for cervical cancer screening were changed in 2012 and the book hasn t been changed to reflect those details Given that I found several facts that were outdated, I didn t feel that I could trust it to use it to study for the shelf.