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[ Read Online Bonita Avenue: A Novel » world-war-ii PDF ] by Peter Buwalda ↠´ Intense book with many surprises.
DazzlingCritics Hailed Buwalda As The Dutch Answer To Jonathan Franzen , But His Brilliance Is Entirely Unique The Times UK Siem Sigerius Is A Beloved, Brilliant Professor Of Mathematics With A Promising Future In Politics His Familyincluding A Loving Wife, Two Gorgeous, Intelligent Stepdaughters And A Successful Future Son In Lawand Carefully Appointed Home In The Bucolic Countryside Complete The Portrait Of A Comfortable, Morally Upright Household But There Are Elements Of Siem S Past That Threaten To Upend The Peace And Stability That He Has Achieved, And When He Stumbles Upon A Deception Thats Painfully Close To Home, Things Begin To Fall Apart A Cataclysmic Explosion In A Fireworks Factory, The Advent Of Internet Pornography, And The Reappearances Of A Discarded, Dangerous Son All Play A Terrible Role In The Spectacular Fragmentation Of The Sigerius Clan A Riveting Portrait Of A Family In Crisis And The Ways That Even The Smallest Twists Of Fate Can Forever Change Our Lives, Bonita Avenue Is An Incendiary, Unpredictable Debut Of Relationships Torn Asunder By Lies, And Minds Destroyed By Madness This book was a wild ride with interesting, well developed if unlikable characters and a plot that kept me rolling through its 500 pages A roller coaster ride of a read

The novel is too long winded It s characters are interesting but unlovable It s hard to connect with any one of them emotionally It was hard to guess where the plot was going to go which is a good thing I liked the way it moved around from country to country Horrific ending and totally unexpected.
Kept my attention but was a little too sensational and not always consistent