Download Epub Format Ó Brain Trust: 93 Top Scientists Reveal Lab-Tested Secrets to Surfing, Dating, Dieting, Gambling, Growing Man-Eating Plants, and More! PDF by ↠´ Garth Sundem

Download Epub Format Ó Brain Trust: 93 Top Scientists Reveal Lab-Tested Secrets to Surfing, Dating, Dieting, Gambling, Growing Man-Eating Plants, and More! PDF by ↠´ Garth Sundem What if you had your own brain trust, where you knew that everyone in it was truly one of the top people in their lines of work People who have devoted years to what they do, and because they have, could answer almost any question you might ask them Wouldn t that be pretty cool It just so happens that Garth Sundem has assembled his own brain trust and asked them almost anything The results of that effort have now been published in his new book Brain Trust.
In it, Garth shares what he learned after asking some 93 scientists the secrets to things like how to surf better, how to grow a man eating plant, how to go about bribing a police officer to get out of a ticket, and how to build a world record paper airplane Oh, and how to get a job, along with getting their dating and dieting tips And perhaps most intriguingly which lotteries in the U.
S are worth playing and when are they worth playing You hear a lot about many of these kinds of things in the media every day, but what sets this book apart are the people who make up Garth Sundem s Brain Trust They re not just your ordinary, everyday, run of the mill scientists and mathematicians, but Nobel prize winners and MacArthur geniouses People who have been awarded actual medals for really high level science.
And they just happened to be willing to answer some of the crazier questions Garth Sundem was willing to ask them.
Highly recommended You can tell anyone who asks you about that copy of the book you re carrying or that you re reading on your electronic reader that the brain trust over at Political Calculations said so There s a lot of interesting stuff in here Some of the subjects should have been covered in depth My interest was piqued, but it was only an overview At the end of most sections, websites books from the scientists are listed I will definitely be looking at some of those Not every topic will interest you, but the book is set up so you can skip around There are brain teasers scattered throughout, with answers included I think the author may have felt intimidated by some of the scientists that he interviewed The extraneous alliterations and obscure words got annoying after a while It felt like Garth was trying a bit too hard.
Brain Trust is a collection of random bits of knowledge and surprising or interesting facts From deciphering body language and spotting a liar to learning how to lose weight, bet in sports, or teach toddlers perfect pitch, the book covers a broad large range of science and social science topics The addition of mini exercises at the end of some of the points makes it interactive Were you actually absorbing the point, or in passive book scanning mode I liked that each subject came in small digestable chunks nothing was than a couple pages long so that you can just pick up the book in between tasks when you just had a couple minutes to spare Every topic also has the original research or researcher cited with web links where applicable so you can do reading if you were so inclined It s also nice that the topics are spread out pretty randomly so you go from building flying cyborg beetles to learning how to learn.
Beyond interesting factoids like how to grow giant man eating plants , there are many practical applications too set a time limit on small decisions to avoid decision paralysis.
Overall, while many of the topics are covered in other books if you read books like Freakanomics, etc there are just so many things covered that it sa worth the mini refreshers andb likely you will find something new and entertaining worth knowingThis is a good book if you re the type of person who likes to learn a little about a variety of subjects.
I m pretty easily entertained and usually like stuff like this, but I found the topics a little too basic or anecdotal and did not learn a whole lot from this book I would have preferred a little depth on each individual topic It s still a decent read, and I don t wish to have the couple of hours of my life I spent reading it back.

I read an article of his on how to win the lottery It was intriguing enough for me to buy the book This book is really fun to read Perhaps the coolest thing that he teaches or researches is how to grow giant carnivorous plants There s a lot to learn about a variety of topics, including dieting and mental hacks If you like Lifehacker, Four Hour Work Week, or other productivity sites, this book is for you There s solid research since he talked directly to the scientists doing the research and he s a good, entertaining writer.
Author has a good style and provides some easily digestible stories about some of the most interesting science taking place today It s a fun read that you can pick up and put down easily Thought provoking in many cases, quite forgettable in others Overall, a solid read.
I don t doubt the research of any of the small chapters of this book, but there are a lot of thin chapters It s like the book is its own summary of a wide number of research projects It sparks a lot of questions, but not necessarily a lot of answers.
So much to enjoy Blind Themwith SCIENCE How Much Better Would Your Life Be If You Had An Army Of Nobel Laureates, MacArthur Geniuses And National Medal Of Science Winners Whispering Tips In Your Ear About Your Body Language, Or How To Resist That Impulse Purchase Youll Regret Tomorrow, Or When To Sell Your Caror Even Helping You Trick Your Spouse Into Doing The Dishes Withthis Mighty Little Tome , You Can Have The Next Best Thing Because Brain Trust Is Packed With Bite Sized Scientific Wisdom On Our Everyday Challenges, Hand Delivered To You Direct From The Galaxys Biggest Brains Based Entirely On Interviews With An Incredible Lineup Of Luminaries From The Fields Of Neuroscience, Economics, Anthropology, Music, Mathematics, And , Brain Trust Is Full Of Cutting Edge Science Thatll Help You See The Real World Betterand Smarter Discover What Advanced Math Can Teach You About Getting All Your Chores Done Today How Creating A Future Self Can Help You Shop Smarter At The Grocery Store What Prairie Voles Can Teach Us About Love How The Science Of Happiness Can Help You Trick Lawyers Into Doing Charity Work The Components Of Gullibility, And How They Can Help You Scam Proof Yourself The Secrets To Building Your Very Own Army Of Cyborg Beetles How Memetic Information Can Help You Exploit Altruism For Goodor Evil Why Eating For Eight Hours Can Help You Lose Weight The Behavioral Economics Behind Selling Your Junk For Big Bucks On EBay How To Get Plasure For Less PriceAnd Much, Much