Ù Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner's Guide to Leveling Up Your Money è Download by á Erin Lowry

Ù Broke Millennial Takes On Investing: A Beginner's Guide to Leveling Up Your Money è Download by á Erin Lowry 4.
5 5, rounded up for the rating.
I enjoyed the book I found the terminology helpful, and I think reading the book definitely boosted my financial and investing knowledge from total novice status to mere amateur, which I think was the point The conversational tone was a real strength of the book I think Erin knows her audience and does a good job reaching us I particularly liked the fact that Erin interviewed the experts and had them weight in on popular things like robo advisors and microinvesting I also enjoyed the anecdotes throughout the book.
I ve been pretty convinced to invest have an idea of my financial goals have a sense of my investing style I m happy to be high risk and passive, as I m relatively young, understand the market is going to have ups and downs, and don t mind putting what little disposable income I have into an investment account of mostly US stocks to then forget about am eager to learn and have a better understanding of my options now than when I first picked up the book So on those accounts, I d call the book a success.
My only complaint is that I felt like the book could have been longer or included details in some parts For example, I use a particular robo advisor for some investing, and I wanted information on how they compared, for instance there was a section on this, but it seemed a bit underdeveloped I also wanted to know exactly what I should say upon walking into a brick and mortar storefront of somewhere like Fidelity or Charles Schwab do people walk in, or do they call.
I do think it s important to point out that the book won t take you from a know nothing, total newbie investor to expert The tips you need to be an expert are not in this book Erin graciously provides a few suggestions for where to look next, but I think it s important to go in with the right expectations it will make you comfortable with the idea of investing and help familiarize you with the world It will coach you to a 5k, but it won t coach you to the Olympics.
All this being said, I thought it was worth the read, and I definitely learned things from it A Guide To Investing Basics By The Author Of Broke Millennial, For Anyone Who Feels Like They Arent Ready Or Rich Enough To Get Into The MarketMillennials Want To Learn How To Start Investing The Problem Is That Most Have No Idea Where To Begin Theres A Significant Lack Of Information Out There Catering To The Concerns Of New Millennial Investors, Such As Should I Invest While Paying Down Student Loans How Do I Invest In A Socially Responsible Way What About Robo Advisors And Apps Are Any Of Them Any Good Where Can I Look Online For Investment Advice In This Second Book In The Broke Millennial Series, Erin Lowry Answers Those Questions Anddelivers All Of The Investment Basics In One Easy To Digest Package Tackling Topics Ranging From Common Terminology To How To Handle Your Anxiety Toretirement Savings And Even How To Actually Buy And Sell A Stock, This Hands On Guide Will Help Any Investment Newbie Become A Confident Player In The Market On Their Way To Building Wealth I m a relatively young millennial a few years into my career I ve always been obsessive about money from a spend optimization standpoint and this has been what drives my career, rather than my college education Unfortunately, growth optimization is an area where I am sorely lacking, personally and professionally I started with REI a couple of years ago, but didn t really know what to do with all of the cash that builds up or doesn t, sometimes between real estate purchases.
This book was very insightful for that Despite its length, it is an easy read thanks to the author s tone I think it took me around 4 hours to read cover to cover I also did some ancillary research, armed with the topics presented in the book I had never really given much thought to emergency funds or asset allocation, because I ve never really considered short medium term investment options due exclusively to ignorance on the matter I figured it would just be cash and real estate After reading the book, I ve identified a flexible number for my emergency fund, and I ve found a few investment vehicles that are well suited to my financial goals.
It s surprising how many people young and old unwittingly choose to make bad financial decisions simply because they don t know any better This book s delineation between rich and wealthy was appreciated, because part of bad financial decisions seems to be people thinking they can gamble on the stock market when they re using loaner cars, have huge student loans, and are barely making ends meet for quick money This book is for anyone looking for a mature overview of their wealth building options If you re looking for a get rich quick book written by a glorified sales rep, this isn t for you.
Coming into this book, I knew I really appreciated Lowry s writing style and ability to catch a reader s attention with some sometimes not so exciting topics This book nailed that pre assumption right on the head Lowry s writing style and ability to smoothly transition from one topic to another makes for a seamlessly easy yet educational read Her knowledge on the topic is vast and that is abundantly clear by her ability to go into detail on many topics of investing I was at first, foreign to.
I consider myself a very beginner investor I contribute to a company retirement plan, put money into a few earmarked savings account, and that s about it But after reading Broke Millennial, I am extremely confident in my ability to now level up my money and push my investing and wealth to the next level It s a great sequel to her first book, which I 110% recommend reading on top of her second Do yourself a favor and invest in this book, which will pay dividends for your future wealth for years to come.
This book has a lot of useful information about investing for beginners However, I don t recommend it for a pure beginner because it is not organized in a logical way It seems like a rough draft I think a pure beginner would get confused very easily because the topics and chapters are mixed together randomly.
Also, a lot of it is written poorly I think the author wanted to make it fun to read but it actually made it quite annoying to read It s as if the author never took a basic writing class Here s an example from the book Unfortunately, that s what happens when the market tumbles, crashes, plummets, drops, takes a bath, dips, or whichever term you prefer What exactly was the point of that sentence Like Erin Lowry s first book, Broke Millennial, this follow up focused on investing is well researched and well written, but completely accessible to those who ve felt put off by other financial advice If you ve wanted to get started with investing or you know you should but haven t been able to connect to other writing on the topic, this is the book you need.

Love this book Great for beginners