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☆ Read ✓ Bunny by Mona Awad á This novel was different from anything I have ever read before Admittedly, because of this, I really struggled with it at first I had heard from fellow book lovers that this was a weird one, and even in knowing that, I almost put the book down for good.
Then, I chose to keep going, even after one of the craziest, most gruesome scenes I had ever read in my life I began to feel almost psychologically connected to the main character, Samantha While she is definitely not a likable character, you can t help but get sucked up into her strange world and all of the oddball people in it While this book is definitely not for the faint hearted, the writing is so poetic and strange, you almost get used to it and understand its jumbles by the end of the book You start to root for redemption that doesn t necessarily come, but you re left both satisfied and full of questions.
I participated with a group of girls in the read Can adian Lit group on Instagram, and am glad I discovered this weird adventure Those who were into cult classics in the 90 s such as The Craft of The Faculty both great movies will come to appreciate Bunny Even though it was a hard start, it ended up being a 4 star read for me.
O Bunny You Are Sooo Genius Margaret Atwood, Via Twitter One Of The Most Pristine, Delightful Attacks On Popular Girls Since Clueless Made Me Cackle And Nod In Terrified Recognition Lena Dunham Every Time I Open It Up, I Stumble Upon A Crackling Sentence Dwight Garner,The New York Times Bunny Is A Curioser Wonderland Where Vicious, Rabidly Entitled Artists Mix Hare Brained Potions, Where Sweet Bunnies Are Terrifying Swains, And Where Literatures Newest And Sexiest Hybrid Lurks Hilarious And Creepy With Dead On Satire I Cannot Think Of A New Book I Like Lynn Crosbie A Wild, Audacious And Ultimately Unforgettable Novel Los Angeles Times Awad Is A Stone Cold Genius The Washington PostNamed A Best Book Of Summer ByEntertainment Weekly, NPR, Newsweek, Vanity Fair,The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Harper S Bazaar, Vulture, Nylon, Bustle, TheSkimm, Purewow, AndLitHub The Vegetarianmeets Heathersin This Darkly Funny, Seductively Strange Novel From The Acclaimed Author Of Ways Of Looking At A Fat GirlWe Were Just These Innocent Girls In The Night Trying To Make Something Beautiful We Nearly Died We Very Nearly Did, Didn T We Samantha Heather Mackey Couldn T Be Different From The Other Members Of Her Master S Program At New England S Elite Warren University A Self Conscious Scholarship Student Who Prefers The Company Of Her Imagination To That Of Most People, She Is Utterly Repelled By The Rest Of Her Fiction Writing Cohort A Clique Of Unbearably Twee Rich Girls Who Call Each Other Bunny, And Are Often Found Entangled In A Group Hug So Tight It Seems Their Bodies Might Become Permanently FusedBut Everything Changes When Samantha Receives An Invitation To The Bunnies Exclusive Monthly Smut Salon, And Finds Herself Drawn As If By Magic To Their Front Door Ditching Her Only Friend, Ava, An Audacious Art School Dropout, In The Process As Samantha Plunges Deeper And Deeper Into Bunny World, And Starts To Take Part In The Off Campus Workshop Where They Devise Their Monstrous Creations, The Edges Of Reality Begin To Blur, And Her Friendships With Ava And The Bunnies Are Brought Into Deadly CollisionA Spellbinding, Down The Rabbit Hole Tale About Loneliness And Belonging, Creativity And Agency, And Female Friendship And Desire, Bunny Is The Dazzlingly original Second Book From An Author With Tremendous Insight Into The Often Baffling Complexities Of Being A Woman The Atlantic Super strange plot I loved it.
Mona Awad s Bunny is miss your subway stop absorbing It starts as an irony of manners about a cabal of twee grad students in cat ears cartoon print dresses, but quickly tilts left through a Lovecraftian funhouse looking glass Four for you, Glen Cthulhu

This book has been compared to the movie Heathers, but I would compare it Inception and The Craft A group of four post grad students adults spend their time conjuring art and lovers through intense new age visualization and magic disappearing bunnies while the outsider in the cohort, the narrator Samantha, possesses a painful past, a penchant for solitude and depth of imagination or madness from which to craft her stories and characters Don t look for an easy resolution or passive read This novel is disguised as a YA novel but it is a book that calls for high lights and margin notes An invested reader might enjoy the journey The book takes you into the inner life of a writer and the isolation they are subject to when they find it difficult to open themselves up to criticism or competition.
I enjoyed this novel to a point I felt there was too much story, too much repetition feathered hair, grass, leaves, cupcakes , too many bunnies It could have been a classic, updated, feminist version of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty if the author was prepared to take an axe to the narrative.
This book blows me away Brilliant satire, with remarkable depth Draws you in completely, makes you laugh, makes you cringe, makes your heart ache It s just brilliant The comparisons to Heather and Carrie capture how smart and funny this book is, and it s relationship to genre, but this book is like nothing else Genius.