À Cancer and the New Biology of Water (Audible Audio Edition): Dr. Thomas Cowan MD, Madison Niederhauser, Chelsea Green Publishing Company: Amazon.ca ☆ Download by ✓ Dr. Thomas Cowan MD

À Cancer and the New Biology of Water (Audible Audio Edition): Dr. Thomas Cowan MD, Madison Niederhauser, Chelsea Green Publishing Company: Amazon.ca ☆ Download by ✓ Dr. Thomas Cowan MD Dr Cowan opens our eyes to a deeper and insightful understanding of Cancer He teaches us to think very differently about the nature of health and disease, what we know about biology, and the nature of life TCowan Prepare to dive into a thoughtful study of humans, cancer, potential therapies and moving forward With near epidemic rates of cancer and loads of misinformation this book is a breath of fresh air and a huge step in the direction of healing and perhaps eventually eliminating cancer altogether I ve long been a fan and have read nearly all his books and following Dr Cowans recommendations for over 15 years My partner and I are healthy and happy and navigating the modern world with joy because of the work of Dr Cowan.
When President Nixon Launched The War On Cancer With The Signing Of The National Cancer Act Of And The Allocation Of Billions Of Research Dollars, It Was Amidst A Flurry Of Promises That A Cure Was Within Reach The Research Establishment Was Trumpeting The Discovery Of Oncogenes The Genes That Supposedly Cause Cancer As Soon As We Identified Them And Treated Cancer Patients Accordingly, Cancer Would Become A Thing Of The Past Fifty Years Later, It S Clear That The War On Cancer Has Failed Despite What The Cancer Industry Wants Us To Believe New Diagnoses Have Continued To Climb One In Three People In The United States Can Now Expect To Battle Cancer During Their Lifetime For The Majority Of Common Cancers, The Search For Oncogenes Has Not Changed The Treatment We Re Still Treating With The Same Old Triad Of Removing Surgery , Burning Out Radiation , Or Poisoning Chemotherapy In Cancer And The New Biology Of Water, Thomas Cowan Argues That This Failure Was Inevitable Because The Oncogene Theory Is Incorrect Or At Least Incomplete And Based On A Flawed Concept Of Biology In Which DNA Controls Our Cellular Function And Therefore Our Health Instead, Dr Cowan Tells Us The Somatic Mutations Seen In Cancer Cells Are The Result Of A Cellular Deterioration That Has Little To Do With Oncogenes, DNA, Or Even The Nucleus The Root Cause Is Metabolic Dysfunction That Deteriorates The Structured Water That Forms The Basis Of Cytoplasmic, And Therefore, Cellular Health PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio This is a small book that is infused with GIANT amounts of information on how to allow our bodies to heal The author, Dr Tom Cowan, MD, is a proven master of clear, concise explanations for laymen patients I highly recommend this book and urge everyone who reads this review to read the book over and over as the information is clearly the path to healing The depth and compassionate research Dr Cowan puts into this book will be a life changing life saving reward This precious information is broken down into easy to follow directions instructions Get this bookYour health will bless you with thankful healing God, I just love this man I have read all of Dr Cowan s books and I think the world of his writing, his fascinating ideas, and his generosity in sharing this information in what can be a less than appreciative world When you buck the system, they tend to make you pay I am appalled that it is literally ILLEGAL for Dr Cowan to implement his ideas in the service of actual patients in the state of California, but I am very glad he has found a way to share them with us nonetheless What can I say but thank you, Dr Cowan

A must read PRO This is a well written and philosophical book that deserves kudos for its out of the box thinking on cancer.
CON The idea that our cellular water state may play a central role in cancer is intriguing However, the hypothesis is very speculative.
The first chapter which describes the failure of the somatic mutation theory of cancer and the alternate metabolic theory and the last chapter which advises against cancer screening are the best chapters However, these subjects were already covered in much greater detail in Christofferson s Tripping over the Truth and Welch s Overdiagnosed.
The middle chapters detail various alternative treatments e.
g mistletoe and deuterium depleted water which may improve cancer outcomes and the author tries to relate them to his water hypothesis However, it s TBD if any of them are truly effective treatments or could lead to a cure In all fairness, the author admits his ideas are tentative and he laments the dearth of funding for alternative treatments in part because they can t be patented by pharmaceuticals.
The author also believes EMF is a MAJOR health threat Having read several books on the topic recently, I personally think the jury is still out on that one.