ç Carmen Miranda Paper Dolls ¼ Download by µ Tom Tierney

ç Carmen Miranda Paper Dolls ¼ Download by µ Tom Tierney Relive The Exciting Performances Of The Brazilian Bombshell With One Carmen Miranda Paper Doll Figure And Gorgeous Costumes good I love rhem I loved seeing Carmen Miranda when I was a kid, loved her flamboyant costumes and her dance routines Now I have this book to remind me of what a neat performer she was.
i loved it This soft back book is typical of the good quality printing and presentation we expect from Dover publications.
There is one Carmen Miranda doll to cut out and on which one can fit the clothes but there is not an accompanying support to make the doll stand upright In all there are thirty one costumes from Carmen s films, each drawn with detailed care The film and the dress designer responsible for the outfit s are both noted on the relevant page The printing is sharp with bright colours, the page finish is glossy and each costume is shown complete with shoes, where appropriate There are the usual tabs to bend back around the cut out doll, if you can bring yourself to apply scissors to the book The pages are printed on one side and blank on the reverse, so that the doll and costumes can be used rather than looked at in book format if you so choose.
The book includes a short biography of Carmen Miranda The glowing terms used are a stimulus to try to find clips from her films, to have the pleasure of seeing her actually dance so freely on those four inch high platform shoes.
This is the second copy I have bought of this book but I still can t bring myself to actually cut out even one ensemble I enjoy it so much as it is.