↠´ Case Files of the Tracker: True Stories from America's Greatest Outdoorsman Æ Download by Å Tom Brown Jr.

↠´ Case Files of the Tracker: True Stories from America's Greatest Outdoorsman Æ Download by Å Tom Brown Jr. Had a lot about his personal philosophy than I cared to read about.
Would have rather had cases and or better descriptions of tracking fundamentals.
Having read a few Tom Brown books now, I found that this was a good read although did contradict some of his other books in regards to him telling you of past experiences.
I would have thought that from his 600 or so tracking cases from helping the authorities he would have been to tell you of some successful ones rather than that he was called in too late and arrived just too late to save the person.
On a better note I throughly enjoyed this book and would recommend anyone interested in becoming a better tracker to read this Is shows you the dedication that you need to become a good tracker and it really does show you the passion that Tom Brown has for the subject Once I started reading it I found it very hard to put down and indeed only took a couple of days to read it.
It certainly hasn t put me off wanting to visit the states and go on one of his standard and advanced courses.
Definitely worth a read.
There Is No Greater Tracker In America Than Tom Brown His Intimate Knowledge Of The Natural Environment, By Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, And Touch, Has Made Him Renowned As A Detective Of The Outdoors For Decades He Has Been Called Upon To Find Missing Children, Escaped Animals, Dangerous Criminalsanything That Can Walk, Crawl, Or Lope Through The Wilderness His Hunting Expertise, And His Call To Find Harmony In Nature, Have Been Chronicled In Several Of His books Including The Tracker And Awakening SpiritsNow, In Case Files Of The Tracker, Tom Brown Reveals Sixteen Of His Adventures For The First Time, Including A Desperate Race To Reach A Diabetic Child Before He Suffers From Insulin Shock The Treacherous Struggle To Capture An Armed Convict That Left Tom With A Bullet In His Back His Tracking Teams Pursuit Of A Tiger On The Loose In The Wilds Of New Jersey I had been looking forward to this book for several months I ve been aware of Tom Brown and interested in tracking for about 20 years I ve read many of his books but have never been to any of his tracking classes In addition, I am a fulltime freelance writer, so I know how hard it is to put words on paper.
Nevertheless, this book disappointed because it lacked critical detail The first case My Frankenstein sounds like it was taken from the plot of the movie The Hunted for which Brown was a consultant or perhaps the movie plot was taken from Brown s experience , but it lacks the detail that would make it come alive In happens in a foreign country We re not told much about Nails, the guy Brown is pursuing, except he s bad.
In another instance, Brown talks of using camouflage to hide from 34 men who were hunting him so precise and so unlike the military camouflage the men are used to seeing that it renders the wearer virtually invisible Boy, I sure would like to hear about that But do we No.
In The Eye of the Tracker, Brown says The Tracker Point of View and this Inner Vision can be easily taught to anyone and just as quickly learned Great How about sharing the secret with the reader in some concrete way In time and eternity, we re told Brown is forced to track by hand as night falls How, for Pete s sake This book would be much better if it crackled with the details that engage us and pull us into the scene.
There is a reason Tom Brown, Jr has a reputation as The Tracker In this book, the reader gets a first hand account of what it feels like to walk in his tracks Also the candid accounts of other members of his Tracking Teams are revealing Any one who does Search and Rescue knows that any case can end up unsolved or as body recovery.
Imagine what it like to have the skills and experiences of this man imagine what he has lived through and lives with in his life time As a young boy he learned these skills and was a fanatical student Today he is a gifted, passionate teacher.
I really enjoyed reading this book a different flavor from his early books or any of his guide books I could almost hear his booming voice repeat some of the key phrases of this book He writes to teach He is a coyote teacher I often reread his books to glean from his carefully chosen words.
I recommend this book as an introduction to what Tom Brown Jr is know for Tracking missing people and animals.
If the stories intrigue you, then find some of his books to read There are plenty of his books out there that will enlighten you if you choose to read them.
This book is entertaining to some degree I m about half way through it and headed out on vacation I put it in the carry on to finish while away It s quite obvious as many other have mentioned that Tom Brown Jr is a legend only in his own mind The tales he tells are just that not based in reality Although mildly entertaining, it does contain simplistic writing and repetitive use of words phrases also as others have mentioned.
Don t look to this book for enlightenment or for fact based tracking case files If you approach it with the desire for a story and some entertainment, it likely won t be the worst book you ve ever read However, if you hope to get an ounce out of it you ll be disappointed.
If you don t like or believe him, you should work on your meditations and prayers.

I really liked this book I have read most of Tom Brown s books over the years but this one was the most entertaining.
I should say to begin with I m a huge fan of Tom Brown s books, but I will still try to offer a balanced viewpoint I would probably give this book about 4 and a half stars but it may depend on who is reading it In this book Tom has targeted his audience much than in previous books There is an abundance of detail, perhaps too much so for a general audience For some readers the minute details may seem irrelevant, or appear to drag the story down, while for those with some interest in tracking, the subtleties will add to the richness of what is being presented I found the story line that was the basis of the movie The Hunted much compelling in this book It is unfortunate that the movie was watered down to be entertaining, catering to short attention spans, and excessively violent This book requires you to dig deeper, and slow down a little In this way it is uncompromising for those who may be expecting something else It is meant to be educational, not just entertaining It may not be the best book to start with For newcomers, I would probably recommend the Tracker or Grandfather to get a better overview of Tom s life, or the teachings he received from Grandfather.
First off, I am a huge fan of Tom Brown and have the utmost respect for him I have been reading and re reading all his books for the past 17 years And I will continue to do so.
But I found myself asking Did Tom really write this The stories themselves are very interesting But I felt like I was reading each story 3 times do to the redundancy But what got to me most was the arrogance that this book seems to be wrapped in I fully appreciate Toms skills and the emotional pains he has had to go through But there are doctors, firemen, social workers and countless others that have to endure the emotional trauma of watching people suffer through life and die right before them day after day at their jobs Yet they are not out pounding that fact home in books in this oh woe is me fashion.
If you have not read a Tom Brown book before don t start with this one Toms books, skills and teachings are a tremendous value But starting with this book will turn you away from all he has to offer.