Trailer ✓ Cold Fusion PDF by ✓ Doris Haggis-on-Whey

Trailer ✓ Cold Fusion PDF by ✓ Doris Haggis-on-Whey Cold Fusion is another brilliant entry in annals of scientific knowledge from Dr Doris Haggis On Whey with assistance from her husband, Benny This volume explains all aspects of Cold Fusion, including some that even Pons and Fleischmann could have never imagined The History of Cold Fusion is presented as a colorful timeline on pp 10 11, and is a good starting point for understanding this book, superimposed as it is over a timeline of Eddie Money s career note the proximity of the release of Money s monster hits Baby Hold On and Two Tickets to Paradise to Dr Mizuno s observation of charged particles from palladium deuterides, which he attributed to instrumentation error Other vital areas of exploration include a handy table explaining why Tim Conway, Helen Hunt, and General Pervez Musharraf will never be good at Cold Fusion, a poem in epic verse about Cold Fusion by Lord Byron, the Russian invention of fruit fusion, and a thorough analysis of why birds are bad at building superconductors.
For anyone who enjoys satire, humor, or science, the Haggis On Whey series can expand your world view in many new and unexpected ways, and for that reason alone I recommend it Besides, without Dr Doris and Benny to help me I would still be attempting to confirm a tritium sample with a mass spectrometer, and we wouldn t want that now, would we If you re looking for the inspired wackiness which characterized the first book of this series and was mostly re captured in the third book you will be disappointed Sure, the non sequiturs are there but the phrase too much of a good thing comes to mind Perhaps the humor is apparent to anyone working in a field where much time is spent in a laboratory for the non lab dwellers, this book is only so so.
There are moments when the brilliance of the first and third books shine through, but, for the most part, the laughs are fewer and farther between Overall, a rather disappointing entry into the increasingly uneven Haggis On Whey series.
There were a few good one liners in this book Otherwise, it was instantly forgettable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but it is definitely something that not all audiences will get All of the HOW books are essentially sarcastic satirical ironic parodic etc versions of old encyclopedic volumes aimed at children The central theme of the the widely publicized at the time discovery of Cold Fusion in the 90s If you don t remember that then you probably won t enjoy this volume as much as the other HOW books, but there are still plenty of random themes going on as well.
For Many Years The Scientific And Educational Communities Have Wondered And Worried About The Possibility That Semi Sane Scholar Pretenders Would Find The Means To Publish A Series Of Reference books Aimed At Children But Filled With Ludicrous Misinformation These books Would Be Distributed Through Respectable Channels And Would Inevitably Find Their Way Into The Hands And Households Of Well Meaning Families, Who Would Go To Them For Facts But Instead Find Bizarre Untruths The bookswould Look Normal Enough But Would read As If Written By People Who Should Not Have Written Them Sadly, That Day Is Upon Us The Fourth Book In The HOW Series, Cold Fusion, Is To Be Feared Like Its Predecessors, Giraffes Giraffes And Animals Of The Ocean, Cold Fusion Must Also Be Kept Far From The Young People In Your Life This Book Reveals The Secrets Of Cold Fusion, One Of The Most Controversial Scientific Pursuits That Can Be Conducted In A Bathtub