Trailer × Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl: A Memoir PDF by ☆ Susan McCorkindale

Trailer × Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl: A Memoir PDF by ☆ Susan McCorkindale Really disappointed in this book after having read so many books about women leaving it all behind to pursue farming The whole yuppy theme got very boring, quit after 109 pages when they finally made it to the farm, which was refurbished to their taste I was trying to learn about living on a farm from a city girls perspective thought it d be good considering my boyfriend after we get married wants to eventually move us out to a farm and thought it d be interesting since we live and work in a city and so did this lady you know the typical story of getting yanked out of the city to the farm land and well this was just poorly written I was very dissapointed.
Wow, I cannot believe that there were so many good reviews for this book Although, it is interesting that when you look a little closer, most of the people are from VA, NY or NJ who like the bookand even interesting is that when you click on their profile to see what else they have reviewed, THEY HAVE REVIEWED NOTHING ELSE This is obviously her friends who went on here to promote the book We read this for our book club, and honestly it did not go over whatsoever I feel bad for the author, as I m sure these stories are hysterical in person, in this book though, it was completely disjointed It made me wonder how this woman got a book deal, my emails and facebook posts are completely thought out.
Not to negate Susan McCorkindale s experiences, but the way in which rural life is treated with such disdain is only funny the first time, afterward it is simply insulting For someone with such experience in the marketing world, I am surprised at how well this text has sold I can see how it may be humorous to a naive city crowd, but McCorkindale needs to find appropriate adjectives to describe her experiences those she uses become old and overused quickly during the read.

I started reading this book last night and was thrown by the footnotes Thinking it was just me being tired I left it for this am I am trying so hard to stick with this book but the footnote thing is interferring with the flow of the story I am 54 pages in but don t think I want to finish the rest I was so looking forward to a light read Maybe I ll just not read the footnotes but then again I might miss something importantforget it for today I thought it was going to be really funny, however I m not into the kind of humor Susan writes Someone else might like but not me Maybe its because I m a senior I wish her good luck.
Having moved not long ago from the Big Apple to the Virginia countryside myself, and also missing Starbucks, NYC shopping, and a lot of other city pleasures, I figured this would be a fun read NOT By the end of the book, I wondered why the author bothered to stay in the countryside at all Other than the gorgeous scenery, it seems like there isn t a single thing she can tolerate about a rural lifestyle, from the absence of Starbucks which was a joke that seemed to be used about every 5 pages to the driving habits of the locals, to the farm animals themselves And the jokes about designer footwear on the farm were even annoying We get it she really loves designer shoes, and insists on wearing them even in the pasture If I were her husband or kids, I d never forgive her for discussing my bathroom habits and hygiene for all the world to read I didn t find the description of her husband and kids peeing all over the toilet funny at all, just sort of gross and pathetic and I bet they peed all over the toilet when they lived in NJ, too, so why discuss it in this book Finally, the footnotes on nearly every page to add snarky comments or attempts to make another usually bad joke, drove me NUTS Don t waste your time reading this.
A Laugh Out Loud Memoir About A City Slicker Who Discovers That Manolos And Manure Just Don T MixAt Her Husband S Prompting, Suburban Mom And New York Career Woman Susan McCorkindale Agreed To Give Up Her Stressful Six Figure Job Together, They Headed Down South To A Acre Beef Farm, And Never Looked Back Well, He Didn T Look Back She Did A Lot From Playing Spot The Religious Billboard On The Drive To Rural Virginia, To Adapting To A World Without Starbucks, To Planning Bright Orange Hunter Resistant Wardrobes For The Kids We Moved Here To Get Away From The Madness Of Manhattan Only To Risk Getting Popped On Our Own Property , This Is Her Hilarious Account Of How A City Girl Came To Love Or At Least Tolerate Country Life