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[Jim Naughten] ß Conflict and Costume: The Herero Tribe of Namibia [gender PDF] Ebook Epub Download Å I Really Love My New Book, Conflict And Costume The Herero Tribe Of Namibia By Jim Naughten It Is An Amazing, Visual Publication Showing This Tribe S Magnificent Costumes, Which Are A Real Fashion Statement Words Won T Do This Book Justice You Have To See It For Yourself Sir Paul Smith, Mr Porter Jim Naughten S Ethereal Portraits Present Pride, Strength And A Wonderfully Unique Sense Of Fashion Jaw Dropping Images Huffington Post This Collection Celebrates Not Only A Way Of Dress Butimportantly, The Survival Of A Culture And A Sense Of Identity Monsters And Critics Naughten S Portraits Are As Majestic As The People He Photographs, Imparting A Feeling Of Beauty And Power That Many In The West Rarely Consider When They Think Of Africa Today Le Journal De La Photographie Naughten S Color Palette Lends An Otherworldly Quality, And There Is Something Fantastic About The Combination Of The Costumes And The Stark Desert Photo District News Merrell Publishers Did An Incredible Job Lovers Of History, Art, Culture And Costume Will Love This Book, But Then So Would Anyone With An Eye For Gorgeous Photography AmoXcalliThe Magnificent Costume Of The Herero Of Namibia, Southern Africa, Is A Stark Reminder Of The Country S Tumultuous Past In The Late Th Century, The Influence Of Missionaries And Traders In German Southwest Africa Led To The Adoption By The Herero Of The European Dress Of The Day Over Time, The Voluminous Gowns, Completed By A Cattle Horn Shaped Headdress, Came To Represent The Cultural Identity Of The Herero Women The Men S Ceremonial Dress Also Harks Back To Colonial Times Following The Brutal War Of , The Herero Adapted The Uniforms Of German Soldiers For Their Own Otruppe Troops Movement In Conflict And Costume, Acclaimed Photographer Jim Naughten Captures The Colourful Herero Attire In A Series Of Spectacular Portraits Set Against The Namibian Landscape, These Dramatic Images Show The Striking Costumes And Their Proud Owners To Full Effect Men In Elaborate, Home Made Paramilitary Uniforms, And Women In Floor Length Frocks With Matching Horns Dr Lutz Marten Contributes An Insightful Text That Places The Dress In Its Historical Context