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[ Read Online Cooking With Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon: A Cookbook for Kids ✓ tanzania PDF ] by Jules Bass ó You Don T Have To Be A Vegetarian To Have Fun Cooking With Herb, The Vegetarian Dragon With A Little Help From His Friends Rosie Rose And Gorse And His Beloved Grand Ma Ma Flora, Herb Demonstrates That Vegetarian Food Is Just As Delicious As Any Meat Dish And Herb S Favorites Are Not Just For Kids They Are So Tasty That Everyone Will Ask For His Recipes Are Healthy And Nutritious Too, With All The Good Things That Growing Kids And Dragons NeedWith Twenty Mouth Watering Recipes, Including Salsa, Risotto, Corn Fritters, Chili Con No Carne And Chocolate Chip Cookies, And Richly Spiced With Hot Tips And Dragon Anecdotes, As Well As Debbie Harter S Bright, Witty And Colorful Illustrations, Cooking With Herb Is Not Just For Vegetarians And Not Just For Kids It S For Everyone Who Enjoys Making Food Taste Just As Good As It Can

My 8 year old picked this book up and the library and was excited to make the Rosemary Pan Bread While the bread did turn out and was delicious , the recipe itself was missing a few minor, but critical details in an effort to be brief, I suppose For instance, the recipe failed to mention that you should grease the bowl before placing the dough in it to rise As a bread baker, I knew this and instructed my son to do so , but someone who has never made bread would have a huge mess on their hands.
The book begins with a page describing what is vegetarian It is good info for children, but then begins slowly trying to recruit children to a vegetarian diet They mention that several agencies have backed a vegetarian diet for children and gives tips on how children can convert to a vegetarian diet As a parent, this rubs me the wrong way While I have no problem making vegetarian dishes from time to time, I believe that children should eat what the parents prepare Yes, they can have some input yes, they can have a night or two a week when they cook but I know I wouldn t be making a separate meal everyday, because my 8 year old decided he was vegetarian Also noting, my kids like steak and bacon too much to eat vegetarian my kid chose to make bread from this book ha Looking over the recipes in general, I was disappointed at how little protein was present in most of the dishes It basically a big carb fest, with some veggie only dishes and a few that use textured protein crumbles If my child is truly interested in vegetarian cooking, I would hope that the recipes would include eggs or beans or other unprocessed sources of protein.
The best book to introduce kids to becoming a vegetarian Very helpful hints and even the teenager picks it up from time to time to make something We love it at our house a must for kids.