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[ Read Online Cooking for Dogs: Nutrition Guide for Healthy Dogs - Easy, All-Natural Meal and Treat Recipes for Dogs of All Ages ↠´ lais PDF ] by Lou Jefferson ò Simple recipe book I was hoping fornutrition and better break down of breed Not great but not bad Very good Feed Your Dog For Maximum Health And Nutrition Become Your Dog S Personal Chef With All Natural Dog Food Recipes For Happy, Satisfied Dogs Download FREE With Kindle Unlimited Are You Having Difficulty Finding The Perfect Meal For Your Dog Do You Have Doubts About The Nutritional Content Of The Commercially Sold Dog Food In The Market Are You In Search Of New, Delicious, And Easy To Cook Dog Food Recipes For Your Dog You Dont Have To Worry About That Any This Book Contains Everything You Need To Know About Dog Food Nutrition After Reading This Book, You Ll Be Able To Prepare Nutritious And Delicious All Natural Dog Food Recipes To Maximize Your Dog S Health And Nutrition No Searching The Answer To Your Problem Is Now In Your Hands All Youve Got To Do Is Take This Book Home With You And Get StartedInside, Youll Find Information About The Various Food And Diet Options, As Well As Common Misconceptions About Dog Food Information About Nutrients And Their Amount That Are Necessary For Your Dogs Wellbeing Which Treats And Supplements You Should Give To Your Dog And Why How You Should Treat Your Dog Depending On Its Age How You Should Feed Your Puppy, Your Aging Dog And Also If Your Dog Has Certain Medical Issues To Overcome How To Treat Your Dog S Allergies Or SensitivitiesYoull Also Find Countless Recipes For Growing Puppies, Full Grown Dogs, And Lactating Dogs, As Well As Vegetarian Dog Food, Dog Treat And Gourmet Dog Food Recipes, Lets Get Started Scroll Back Up And Click The BUY NOW Button At The Top Right Side Of This Page For An Immediate Download very informative My dogs LOVE the recipes in this book If they re happy, I m happy Salt and pepper are not needed for making dog food Listing salt and pepper in dog food ingredients loses my trust in these recipes.
As advertised Enjoy the recipes in the book Good information.

I ve only just received this book and had a quick read There appears to be some good yet simple recipes in it However, as if the minefield of home cooking and getting the balance right wasn t bad enough, it doesn t help when a book that is supposed to offer expert nutritional advice has conflicting information in it For eg On page 34 tomatoes make the not safe for dogs list as they are too acidic Then on the very first puppy recipe it calls for 56 ounces of tomatoes Even if it s a small quantity compared to the overall recipe why have them in there when we ve been told to avoid them However, that aside I will look forward to trying some of these recipes on my new dog and hope he enjoys my cookingthan my children do Measurements are in cups US so get a set if you haven t already to make it easier.
very imformative