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Ý Read Ë Coping with Grief 4th Edition by Dianne McKissock Ô Easy to read, easy to follow, easy to understand, something to recommend to clients who are in need of relevant supportive information Thank you Mal and Diane COPING WITH GRIEF Is The Go To Book On The Grieving Process It Is A Classic Range Title That Has Been In Print Since 1985 The New Edition Updates Information And Offers A Fresh Design, Without Losing The Visual Link With Previous Editions This Best Selling Book Offers Sensitive And Practical Advice On How To Deal With The Grieving Process, From Coping With The Funeral To Managing Anniversaries And Special Dates Suitable For Both The Bereaved And Their Support Team, It Explains What To Expect Emotionally, Psychologically And Practically From The First Day Through The First Year, As Well As Outlining The Physical And Emotional Reactions To Grief, Why Men And Women React Differently, How Children Deal With Grief And Some Of The Long Term Consequences Of Bereavement Whether You Have Been Bereaved, Or Are Part Of The Bereaved S Support Team, This Self Help Book Will Prove Invaluable, And Show You How To Survive Or Help Others Survive The Most Challenging Experience A Human Being Can Have The Loss Of A Loved One.
I m not one to be able to handle death well and when having to deal with it, I bought the book To my surprise, I was able to get through our own unexpected death of a loved one I recommend it to anyone who needs it.

There are such few resources for non spiritual people This is the first practical book I came across that isn t flooding with religion Concise and easy to read book that is helpful for everyone who wants to better understand how to cope with or support people who are hurting Recommended for carers, counsellors, family members and even if you are struggling with grief yourself It s a bit like a counselling session in a book.