¾ Crystal Intentions: Practices for Manifesting Wellness: (Crystal Book, for Readers of Crystals for Beginners) ☆ Download by å Lune Innate

¾ Crystal Intentions: Practices for Manifesting Wellness: (Crystal Book, for Readers of Crystals for Beginners) ☆ Download by å Lune Innate Reading this book is like chatting with your cool friend who knows about all things Woo Enjoyable and informative Good stuff at beginning I was worried about the amount of text in this book because English is not my native language, but I found this book is comforting and interesting to read.
Only one big picture in every chapter, but they are so gorgeous, also the pink and baby blue page theme colour looks so soothing, even it s quite simple, but it s cute, I like it.
I just read the first chapter to my partner this lunch time and he wants to buy another one this book too, lol.
New Release In Gaia Transform Obstacles Into Opportunities For Growth A Renewed Sense Of Focus And Alignment With The Universe Will Support Your Relationships With Yourself And With Others This Book Is Both An Introduction To The Power Of Gemstones And Crystals, And An Opportunity To Expand Your Knowledge Of Healing ArtsIf You Have Found Guidance In Crystals For Beginners, Crystals For Healing, And The Crystal Bible, Then Crystal Intentions Practices For Manifesting Wellness Is The Perfect Addition To Your Collection Of Resources In This This Guide, You Ll Learn How To Understand The Chakra System And Other Essential Healing And Balance MethodsSense And read The Flow Of Your Own EnergyAnd Use Stones To Define Your Path Of Personal And Spiritual Development Love love love it I find this book well written it s like the authors are speaking right to me , easy to navigate and very informative I am learning so much and am anxious to start implementing it It s not a book you need to read from cover to cover you can easily open any page or chapter and start there For some reason this book stood out from all the rest and I am glad I chose it over the others.
Love this book It is exactly what I needed I pulled a self care oracle card yesterday and it said to read That same day this book arrived and right away it answered all of my questions.
This book is very well written as well I love that it has an in depth section about the chakras, including what to do if one or are under or over energized Truly helpful Highly recommend for wellness and knowledge about the power of crystals.
This has become my go to book for intention setting Comprehensive easy to follow I absolutely love the pictures I have had the book since December and have already manifested my intention This book is great for beginners as well as seasoned healers because it has so much insight to offer Love it Definitely recommend it Incredible book Loved reading this You should buy this book and follow her on YouTube The Lune INNATE

It is as advertised If you are new to energy work, the western chakra system or using crystals this is a wonderful starting point Even if you ve touched on those subjects this tome dives a little deeper managing to explain the basics leaving you feeling confident The authors include a plethora of relevant and practical exercises throughout the book I learned so much Some things written were very relevant, impactful and powerful to me on my own unique eclectic path The authors also do not try to take a rigid dogma and shove it down your throat It is empowering and encouraging to know I can work with the crystals I am drawn to and use them in a manner that I see fit.
Arrived on time great book for learning about crystals and meanings