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[Edward R. Dewey] Ï Cycles: The Science Of Prediction [led-zeppelin PDF] Read Online Õ habe das Buch urspr nglich gekauft, um Behauptungen von J.
Farell zu berpr fen.
Nun erschreckender Weise hat er recht.
Kaufen und lesen Sie es und dann brauchen Sie viel Zeit und Ruhe um dar ber Nachzudenken und nicht nur das.
It is if a reference book for me than a good read.
We are back in the same boat in 2017 This is a must read We can prosper if we just look for the tides of change This book was written in the 1940s, out of a study commissioned by Herbert Hoover, designed to find out the cause of the Great Depression I actually found this book after it was quoted in other publications The information Dewey and Dakin discovered is timeless and incredibly interesting Some of the correlations will blow you away.
The bottom line is that there are definite cycles of varying lengths, which affect all business, growth, the stock market, weather, etc This should come as no surprise, since our solar system and the universe are built upon harmonics, which are nothing than overlapping wave cycles They were not looking for the why booms and busts occurred their focus was on the when What is interesting is that I extrapolated their cycles to the present time period, and our current recession depression fits in perfectly with the cycle lows of the 54 year, 9 year and 18.
3 year cycles According to their work, the bottom for the real estate cycle would have hit around September 2007 That got my attention.
Even though the book is mathematically oriented, it is very easy to understand for someone without a background in economics or math The fact that this book was published in 1947 is actually a positive, because we can now look back and see how valid their information really is

OK Excellent book, very readable, in fact I couldn t put it down You don t need any economic knowledge or be mathematically inclined The dialogue is backed up by lots of charts, which are visually self explanatory Although it was written over 70 years ago, its message and predictions are astoundingly accurate and being played out today right in front of our eyes I am only surprised that these Cycles are not main stream news right now, instead of the clap trap rot we hear from the planners and TV financial pundits.
It Is The Business Of Science To Predict An Exact Science Like Astronomy Can Usually Make Very Accurate Predictions Indeed A Chemist Makes A Precise Prediction Every Time He Writes A Formula The Nuclear Physicist Advertised To The World, In The Atomic Bomb, How Man Can Deal With Entities So Small That They Are Completely Beyond The Realm Of Sense Perception, Yet Make Predictions Astonishing In Their Accuracy And Significance Economics Is Now Reaching A Point Where It Can Hope Also To Make Rather Accurate Predictions, Within Limits Which This Study Will Explain This Is The Only EBook Edition That Comes Complete With Than 150 Graphs And Charts.