Trailer ✓ Day Trading For Dummies PDF by ✓ Ann C. Logue

Trailer ✓ Day Trading For Dummies PDF by ✓ Ann C. Logue Excellent book Also it have the actual content.
This book is interesting and well written and that s it let face it, one cannot learn day trading by reading books In my opinion and experience the best way is to join a day trader chat room on the internet There are many of them Be careful There are excellent ones and dreadful ones You have to do your homework You will be able to talk to accomplished day traders that will be very happy to share their experience and knowledge with you Joining a day trading chat room is certainly expensive than buying books on the subject But in the long run you will save and make money Bottom line you will never make money by reading day trading books.
El mejor de los libros de day traders, los otros son solo palabreo nade concreto, se puede complementar con otros t tulos de la misma serie Me gusto mucho This book is hardly for Dummies, unless they have a background in advanced mathematics and economic theory Of course, there is so much here, that the book is somewhat of a cafeteria style presentation, and you can certainly pick and choose what you want, and leave the rest alone I was surprised, however, at how much complex mathematical equations and fairly arcane economic theories are included Perhaps, the worst criticism is that, overall, the book is like a dictionary, an index, or a glossary of terms, than it is a simple how to do it book As you go through it, there is an endless supply of definitions, of words and terms, that would be better placed at the end of a book, to define all sorts of things that the typical day trader will never have any use for anyway More than an instruction book, this is an encyclopedic tome of nearly every possible aspect of the stock market, in addition to day trading The definitions are exhaustive, weary, and often taking up a paragraph or It does seem to try to explain day trading, to an extent, and at the same time define every possible word and phrase that there is in the economics of the stock market There are complex algebraic equations that are daunting to even a graduate student in mathematics, and would send shock waves down the spine of ordinary citizens who can barely recall how to do long division Perhaps 1 3 of this book is targeted to day trading, but it is not well organized, in the sense that the definitions hundreds of them are scrambled with the information about how to be a successful day trader This is, possibly, a useful textbook at the university level, but seems less useful for the Dummies series, and I speak as one of those Dummies, with some degree of authority.
Update June 6, 2019After reading every page and every word of this book, I noticed something odd and I m not referring to the pulpy, newsprint style, tan paper that it s printed on , but rather that there is not a single masculine pronoun used anywhere in this book The pronouns are either neuter, they, them, its, theirs, etc , or else feminine she, her, hers, herself and so on Throughout the book, there are hundreds of female pronouns used, and hundreds of neuter pronouns, but not even one masculine pronoun This seems sexist and gender slanted, as one would assume that the readers, and the day traders, would be both men and women As a former editor, this is something I would have called some attention to, before the book was put into production.
This is a good reference book for beginners This is not a step by step how to book, but contains definitions and links to references to help you further your research on the topic.
Dummy books are the best They make mefeel smart Understand How Day Trading Worksand Get An Action Plan Due To The Fluctuating Economy, Trade Wars, And New Tax Laws, The Risks And Opportunities For Day Traders Are Changing Now, Than Ever, Trading Can Be Intimidating Due To The Different Methods And Strategies Of Traders On Wall Street Day Trading For Dummies Provides Anyone Interested In This Quick Action Trading With The Information They Need To Get Started And Maintain Their Assets From Classic And Renegade Strategies To The Nitty Gritty Of Daily Trading Practices,this Bookgives You The Knowledge And Confidence You Ll Need To Keep A Cool Head, Manage Risk, And Make Decisions Instantly As You Buy And Sell Your Positions New Trading Products Such As Cryptocurrencies Updated Information On SEC Rules And Regulations And Tax Laws Using Options To Manage Risk And Make Money Expanded Information On Programming If Youre Someone Who Needs To Know A Lot About Day Trading In A Short Amount Of Time, This Is Your Place To Start.
Generally good, had a few interesting bullet points, lots of redundancy, needs a good editor.