Download Epub Format ï Day Trading Made Easy: A Simple Strategy for Day Trading Stocks (Audible Audio Edition): Matthew R. Kratter, Mike Norgaard, Little Cash Machines LLC: PDF by Î Matthew R. Kratter

Download Epub Format ï Day Trading Made Easy: A Simple Strategy for Day Trading Stocks (Audible Audio Edition): Matthew R. Kratter, Mike Norgaard, Little Cash Machines LLC: PDF by Î Matthew R. Kratter Ever Wished That You Could Make Day In The Stock Market Ready To Learn A Simple Day Trading Strategy That Actually Works Day Trading Made Easy Will Teach You The Powerful Day Sniper Trading Strategy You Will Learn Exactly When To Buy A Stock, When To Take Profits, And When To Exit A Losing Trade Very Few Careers Can Offer You The Freedom And Flexibility That Day Trading Does Even If You Know Nothing At All About Trading Stocks, This Book Will Quickly Bring You Up To Speed This Is Exactly The Book That I Wish I D Had When I Was First Learning How To Day Trade Stocks In This Book, You Will Learn How To Take Advantage Of Big Traders To Put Money In Your Pocket How To Find The Best Stocks For Day Trading The One Thing You Must Never Do When Day Trading Where To Set Your Stop Loss And Profit Target For The Day How To Short Stocks Using The Day Sniper Strategy How To Avoid The Pattern Day Trader Rule And Much, Much Join The Thousands Of Smart Traders Who Have Improved Their Day Trading By Listening To This Book Best Selling Author And Professional Trader Matthew Kratter Will Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Day Trade Stocks And To Avoid Getting Wiped Out And If You Ever Get Stuck, You Can Always Reach Out To Him By Email Provided In The Book , And He Will Help You PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Accompanying Reference Material Will Be Available In Your Library Section Along With The Audio nice and simple stratagy I like the books from Matthew because they are right to the point and full of practical knowledge No blabla or story telling.
Nice work with simple explanation Good for beginners to pick up trading from scratch using the explained strategy by the author.
Day Trading is not easy, and this book will not make it so Kratter presents one basic strategy for day trading stocks What he doesn t tell you is that you will need to sign up for a real time stock quotation service to take advantage of the 15 minute wait he calls for That will cost roughly 30 a month Moreover, there are precious few stocks that will meet the criteria he lays out for the strategy The value of this book is its ability to demonstrate how difficult it actually is to succeed at day trading Here we have a good introduction with a reasonable strategy in a long term arsenal of many others But you will need plenty than this book to make it as a day trader.
Not good I have read a lot on day trading, all books are pretty clear at the begging when the author writes how much money he made how fast he made it, but where they become unclear is when they say how they did it.
Here you have a book that instead of talking about the author it talks about the reader it explains you step by step what to do how to do it what to do when you re just starting out what to do when you feel that you re ready for the next step If you don t understand something you can contact the author he disclosed his contact info for you in the book I tried it He is not selling you the Eiffel Tower saying that you can make millions every month, he is selling you much then that he give you a realistic proven method that is easy to apply so you should be able to make money in real life not just in your imagination.
8 pages are ads for other tiny books by the author 3 pages are disclaimers 2 pages are offers for a free gift 5 pages cover titles, copyright, about the author, dedication and table of contents The book is 54 pages, describes one technique for long purchases and how it also applies to shorting There are several website addresses of interest, but save your money and buy a mocha instead.
Matthew R.
Kratter, ein ehemaliger Hedge Fund Manager mit 20 Jahren Trading Erfahrung, stellt in seinem eBook Day Trading Made Easy , das man in zwanzig Minuten durchgelesen hat, eine Daytrading Methode vor, die auf Gaps nach Earnings Releases beruht Die Methode funktioniert, wie man z.
B krzlich sehen konnte, als EA nach der Bekanntgabe seiner Quartalszahlen nach Brsenschluss zehn Dollar pro Aktie nach oben schoss und das Momentum dann noch Tage anhielt und den Preis der Aktie in krzester Zeit weitere fnf Dollar nach oben trieb Matt Kratter erklrt auch, wieso das so ist und wo man seinen Stop loss Auftrag platziert, den man nie vergessen sollte An Tagen wie gestern, an denen die Nasdaq pltzlich um 2,50% einbricht, erkennt man, dass sich die Brsen Teilnehmer aufgrund von berbewertung derzeit auf sehr dnnem Eis bewegen Risiko Management wird kurz angerissen Zuletzt gibt Kratter Hinweise, wie man die Pattern Daytrading Rule umgehen kann Das Buch wrde ich als gut weiterempfehlen.
I usually don t give book reviews but this time I am gonna do it This book is very short, you can read it during your lunch break but what what Matthew is teaching is worth than 6 or 7 dollars This guy has one strategy, one set up that you can use if the market is up or down He summarizes his strategy in just few pages, he straight forward and clear His strategy does not work every single time, no strategy does, but it is a great one and it makes a lot of sense for me Like he said, test it and start small until you get used to it.