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[Ellis Peters] ½ Death and the Joyful Woman [world-history PDF] Read Online ✓ A Millionaire Is Murdered And Inspector Felse, After Sifting Through The Few Shreds Of Evidence, Finally Arrests Kitty Norris, His Teenaged Son Dominic S First Love A Young Man S Infatuation Soon Becomes Something Far Dangerous, Though, As Dominic Takes On Kitty S Cause In Direct Opposition To His Father S Investigation Due to a lingering illness, my second rendevous with the Felse family was the day after I d read 1 Noting that it won the Edgar Award for Best Novel, I was excited to see Peters continue and I wasn t disappointed.
This installment expands the world beyond the fictional Comerford to include the equally fictional Comerbourne, and we get a sense that the Felse family itself is engaging with a larger world as Dominic develops While the methods were completely different, I became concerned that Dominic sticking his foot into it again would become formulaic This concern continued through the resolution of the crime and I hope it doesn t continue so closely in future editions.
That aside, the incredible tension Peters creates between Dom and his father was stunning These are the kind of things worked out as family relationships shift with adolescence Peters illustrates Dom s slide between child and man, repentence and pride, submission and ambition right alongside his parents confidence in him and anxiety for him, desire to provide room to grow and inclination to censure mistakes Once again, these family dynamics, while highlighted by their continued presence in our adventures, do not overshadow an intriguing crime and thorough investigation whose solution unravels characters, events, and the interaction among them Peters also includes a few brief references to the utter loneliness of the human experience that I found touching and reminiscent of Andre Brink s profound exploration of that theme in A Dry White Season Another enjoyable read has me looking forward to the next one tomorrow.
A Dry White Season, Brink, 1978https www.
com review showThere s More Flight of the Witch Felse 3 , Peters, 1964https www.
com review show This mystery is the sequel to Fallen Into the Pit, which I read a few weeks ago as the first in the series Death and the Joyful Woman won the Edgar Award in 1963 The title gave me a certain mental picture of a gleeful female murderer, but in fact The Joyful Woman is the name of a pub in the Welsh town where Inspector George Felse lives and solves crimes.
Either because I was now familiar with the scene or because Ms Peters got better at writing mystery probably both I enjoyed this one than Fallen Into the Pit Inspector Felse is still the Inspector for the local police department and his son Dominic still runs around doing his own detecting, mostly behind his father s back I wonder if the entire series of 13 books will continue with that arrangement Thus Dominic is the one who discovers the murderer of the unpopular millionaire in town who owned The Joyful Woman.
The boy is now 14 years old and has developed a private crush on a 20 something beautiful woman When she is charged with the murder, Dominic does not rest and in fact puts himself into extreme danger while following his hunches.
I was impressed by the way the author handled the dynamics of families in the story and the mystery was just convoluted enough to keep me guessing I was waiting to read this one before deciding if I would continue with the series I must thank the Mystery Writers of America organization for their long running award, named after Edgar Allen Poe of course, and for introducing me to a mystery writer worth following I have decided that Dominic Felse is a lot like the reckless, daring side of V I Warshaswki in Sara Paretsky s series After just two books, I am hooked.
Ellis Peters Inspector Felse novels are, if possible, even better than her Brother Cadfaels.
Written in 1960 with all the charm of describing relationships without graphic depictions Loved it.
Ellis Peters s voice is delicate, charming, and just exciting enough in the action sequences, exactly what you want out of a cozy English murder mystery The only real complaint I have about this otherwise worthy successor to the enjoyable Fallen Into the Pit is that view spoiler Dom uses the exact same trick to catch the killer as he did in 1, and it all goes pretty much the same way with the climax I feel a little cheated hide spoiler Wavering between three and four stars As always, Peters presents real people in difficult situations Young teen Dominic is a likeable boy, and I was invested in the young couple, Leslie and Jean The mystery of the Joyful Woman an inn sign was very satisfying, and, as to the main murder, both victim bully and murderer were well portrayed Finally, the portrait of young Kitty Norris was outstanding But As others have mentioned, young Dominic uses the exact same gambit in this second mystery that he did in the first Also, in two separate conversations, characters get told a salient fact readers aren t privy to That s frustrating Another structural problem, to me, is the frame The book begins fifteen months or so before the main story, and ends a year after the main story ends I m just not sure what I think of this, especially since, in this case, young Dom really isn t the protagonist or is he In short, if you re a Felse fan, or even an Ellis Peters fan, you will want to read this book And you ll enjoy it But it is not as strong as some others, such as Fallen Into the Pit and The Grass Widow s Tale.
Three and a half stars Hard to believe or swallow that Inspector Felse would allow 16 yr old Dominic quite such a free reign to investigate on his tod, son or not, 1961 or not I got kind of tired of the oh look, my little boy has become a man thing, though I will admit I enjoyed this than Felse 1.
There really wasn t much of a sixties period feel to this installment, no contemporary references to music or TV or even football Outside of the cars, it could have been anywhen from the 1950s on At least we weren t subjected to yards of tell Peters knows how to show us the action, even if it is mostly crammed into the final three chapters of the book Even though I figured out who the killer was about halfway through the book, and the killer of course spouts all in the final scene What really saved it for me was Simon Prebble s reading a good reader who feels no need to go for the Tony awards with faux accents or emoting.
Death and the Joyful Woman by Ellis Peters.
The callous millionaire owner of the Jolly Barmaid, Alfred Armiger, is found with his head bashed in at the bottom of the stairs in the old barn now redone adjacent to the pub This gruesome discovery brings Detective Sergeant George Felse into the forefront of the investigation The Inspector soon finds that the list of the victims enemies has no end Dominic Felse, The Detective s son, has met a fascinating and breathtakingly lovely young lady by the name of Kitty Norris They chanced upon one another at a blood donation bank where young Felse was called out due to his adolescent age Too young to give blood left him quite humiliated in front of his new acquaintance But things were going to take a drastic and foreseen change and there was nothing either one of them could do to stop it.
This author and this series never fails to involve me in it s deduction into the crime with marvelous details It was the last 3rd of the book that had me transfixed to each paragraph as the climax unraveled at breakneck speed.
I really like the mysteries in this series, but my biggest reluctance is the teenage sleuth It just seems so unrealizstic that the father would share so much with him In this book, it was especially troublesome because the young man shares vital info with a suspect and nobody is held accountable for that I will continue to read them, because the writing is so fine and the characters are well done Also where was Pussy I loved her in the first book.