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[ Read Online Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future ☆ social-work PDF ] by Mark Blaxill ↠´ Absolutely fascinating book and very well referenced I was interested to see that researchers were able to identify very rare conditions in the late 1800s and early 1900s There is no reason that these same researchers would have failed to identify autism.
The authors also do a good job of going over the original definition of autism and the changes over time.
A thoroughly researched book and a good read It would be impossible for anyone to deny the fact that there is an autism epidemic after reading this book So many people believe the propaganda that there is no increase in autism, it is just better diagnosis This book proves otherwise The history of the first cases of autism have been researched and details given in this book It also has much to say to those that would have people believe that autism is a gift It may be for the few, but for the majority of parents, who love their children dearly, it is heartbreaking and hard work.
The book reads like a carefully executed courtroom transcript, except it s real life nonfiction It is the unfortunate reality that a book like this needed to be written, that we are at a place in society as to be in such complete refusal to acknowledge the soaring rates of disability in children and young adults.
The majority of people whose lives have been impacted by autism know that there is now way this disorder could have gone un or misdiagnosed for our entire history as humans Autism is new, it is real, and in most cases is can be devastating.
Bravo to the authors for their constant advocacy in the face of severe adversity.
Authors make an extremely compelling arguement This is an urgent topic and anyone who cares about the future of the human race should read this.
I will be up front and say that I know there is an epidemic yet this book brings all of the facts together to understand how and why it is so I am a contributing writer for Age of Autism and have the privilege of sharing articles over the years with both Mark and Dan I am also the parent to a severely affected, adult daughter, plus I have been in the field of special education since 1984 We, educators have been eyewitnesses to these drastic changes in the health, social emotional well being, and learning abilities ofandstudents each year Autism is the huge iceberg that keeps growing, and the historical and current research in this book are the red flares to acknowledge it.
There has been an explosive tsunami of challenges for the students, the families, the school districts, and now adult services are in jeopardy Denial will make even the doubters wonder what can be done now to change the future.

Thoroughly shreds the arguments of the autism has always been with us crowd One point that deservesemphasis is that things have not slowed down at all rates of autism have been doubling roughly every 6 years and are still increasing the longer we wait to stop poisoning our kids, the worse it will get The same poisons causethan autism our kids are very sick and things get worse every year.
Astounding Page turner I read it twice in a row.
Everyone should read this Incredibly strong case Self evident.
The authors dissect opponent s claims, sources and methodology The opponents are not only wrong but willfully deceptive in order to serve some kind of hidden agenda The authors express appropriate rage about this deception for it comes at the expense of millions.
My god what is happening to humanity.
I have 3 daughters with full blown autism and there is nothing normal about their lives at 16, 21 and 22 years of age They live a sheltered life with full time care, day programming, special education and assistance with all skills of daily living To say that what they have is a new normal is a travesty I work with Mark Blaxill and worked w the late Dan Olmsted covering the autism epidemic Do we LOVE AND ADORE our kids Of course but someday we will DIE and the world will not be ready willing or financially able to care for my girls CT had a FURLOUGH day last week denying the disabled their day programs because of budget issues School districts are crumbling under the crushing weight of kids on IEPS This isn t better diagnosis it s a real CHANGE in how kids function and learn Call it autism in some call it neurological difference in others this book carefully dissects the vast LEFT wing conspiracy to normalize brain injury Imagine calling Alzheimer s a late life benefit Now imagine Alzheimer s for 70 years in a able bodied person read THIS BOOK and form your own opinion I m biased by virtue of my own children and my relationship to the authors Kim As a trained child psychiatrist from Harvard Medical School, this account of the history and epidemiology of autism and its current epidemic is unsurpassed Short, succinct, to the point, well argued, thorough and written with aplomb and wit Recommended for all who are interested in the topic, and should be mandatory reading by medical professionals such as psychiatrists, neurologists and paediatricians.
When I was training as a child psychiatrist in 2000, I was taught that the increase in prevalence was due to better diagnosing and recognition of Asperger s Without the contribution of such a book to the field, it is difficult for a young doctor to challenge this stance Last year, looking at the CDC rates and their ascertainment methodology, I knew this better diagnosis explanation was wrong Thank you for confirming this to be the case This is important because I now have a much better grasp on what is and may be contributing to this epidemic and mostly importantly how to help and even possibly prevent autism Bravo to the authors Even As The Autism Rate Soars And The Cost To Our Nation Climbs Well Into The Billions, A Dangerous New Idea Is Taking Hold There Simply Is No Autism EpidemicThe Question Is Stark Is Autism Ancient, A Genetic Variation That Demands Acceptance And Celebration Or Is It New And Disabling, Triggered By Something In The Environment That Is Damaging Children Every Day Authors Mark Blaxill And Dan Olmsted Believe Autism Is New, That The Real Rate Is Rising Dramatically, And That Those Affected Are Injured And Disabled, Not Merely Neurodiverse They Call The Refusal To Acknowledge This Reality Autism Epidemic Denial This Epidemic Denial Blocks The Urgent Need To Confront And Stop The Epidemic And Endangers Our Kids, Our Country, And Our FutureThe Key To Stopping The Epidemic, They Say, Is To Stop Lying About Its History And Start Asking Who Profits People Who Deny That Autism Is New Have Self Interested Motives, Such As Ending Research That Might Pinpoint Responsibilityand, Most Threateningly, Liability For This Man Made EpidemicUsing Ground Breaking Research, The Authors Definitively Debunk Best Selling Claims That Autism Is Nothing Newand Nothing To Worry About