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[John G. Webster] ¹ Design of Pulse Oximeters [world-history PDF] Read Online ¹ Design of Pulse Oximeters Describes The Hardware And Software Needed To Make A Pulse Oximeter, And Includes The Equations, Methods, And Software Required For Them To Function Effectively The Book Begins With A Brief Description Of How Oxygen Is Delivered To The Tissue, Historical Methods For Measuring Oxygenation, And The Invention Of The Pulse Oximeter In The Early S Subsequent Chapters Explain Oxygen Saturation Display And How To Use An LED, Provide A Survey Of Light Sensors, And Review Probes And Cables The Book Closes With An Assessment Of Techniques That May Be Used To Analyze Pulse Oximeter Performance And A Brief Overview Of Pulse Oximetry Applications The Book Contains Useful Worked Examples, Several Worked Equations, Flow Charts, And Examples Of Algorithms Used To Calculate Oxygen Saturation It Also Includes A Glossary Of Terms, Instructional Objectives By Chapter, And References To Further Reading I love it Very useful and very simple to understand Tnx Webster.

It s a good book for students explaining the basic concepts A modern pulse oximeter has complex signal processing algorithms implemented, which make it robust against motion artifacts.
This is not covered in the book.
it sounds to be a good reference for students studing and researching about pulse oximeter may be good reference for pulse oximeter designers it depend to how the level of complete contents or text would be