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☆ Read ß Dessert First: Preparing for Death While Savoring Life by J. Dana Trent Ó In The Year She Served As A Chaplain In A Hospital Death Ward, Dana Trent Accompanied Than 200 Peopleand Their Familieson Their Passage From Life To Death Dessert First Gathers Those Stories And Lessons, As Well As Others From Her Journey With Her Dying Mom, To Illuminate The Complexity Of Death And Grief, And How We All Might Better Prepare For A Good Death Dessert First Is A Deeply Personal, Touching, And Sometimes Humorous Look At Death And Dying, And The Ways We Cope And Create Meaning For The Inevitable End Of Life A Full Appendix Includes Religious, Spiritual, Practical, And Legal Resources For The Reader And Their Loved Ones.
J Dana Trent s Dessert First Preparing for Death While Savoring Life is a delight Which is a funny thing to say about a book that describes her hospice chaplaincy as well as her mother s dying and father s deaths in detail Yet from the cover sprinkles to the honesty of her stories of doubt, faith, interfaith relationships, and the intimate portraits of the moments before death, this book finds a way to accept death as a part of life.
If you ve recently lost a loved one and are facing grief, need to begin coming to terms with your own mortality, or if you simply want to get better at conversations surrounding death and dying, this is a great read If you hate thinking about death, this is a gentle, approachable way to begin And if you love a raw, honest, pulls no punches story, this one will grip you from page one.

My father passed away just over a year and a half ago When all treatment options had been exhausted and it was time for hospice, he told the hospice nurse that he wanted to have a joyful death He taught me and all of us who loved him how important it was not only to live well, but to die well.
Dessert First is a tremendous resource to help us have a joyful death as well as have a joyful life to live well and to die well Her writing is funny, frank, raw and profound What a gift Thank you, Dana Trent, for your honesty and warm invitation into a difficult conversation.
Dana Trent is gifted at storytelling, there is no doubt about that Her relatable story of walking through the journey of death with her mom and experiencing grief helps us all to realize we are not alone we all travel this journey She opens up conversation and gives permission to grieve in your own wayto know that the grief train is for us all and it is okay This is all too often a scary and avoided subject, but Dana shines light and welcomes the dialogue I am grateful for this work and hope many will take the time to read and share.