✓ Dive the Bahamas: Complete Guide to Diving and Snorkeling Ñ Download by ↠´ Lawson Wood

✓ Dive the Bahamas: Complete Guide to Diving and Snorkeling Ñ Download by ↠´ Lawson Wood A dive guide book that does not tell you where the sites are The maps are very generic, non accurate, and they do not include any GPS co ordinates for the sites Here s a typical example of a Location Northeast from Small Hope Bay, midway between Andros and New Providence To put that in context, that is 26 square miles of ocean to search for the site Do not waste your time.
Great guide Good book for deciding which dive operator to use in New Providence, because the two main companies are on opposite sides of the island Helped us realize that we wanted to divide our diving days between two operators to be sure to see all the good stuff Also came in handy for filling out the dive logs after long days on the boat The last few pages of the book are a short guide to fish identification Pretty pictures and art quality not navigation quality maps.
This Stunning Book Covers Over Dive And Snorkel Sites Across The Country, From Bimini To Little Inagua The Bahamas Offer An Array Of Dive Experiences Second To None, Including The Legendary Blue Holes, Pristine Vertical Walls, Superb Wrecks, Underwater Film Sets And Adrenaline Filled Shark And Dolphin Dives Every Year, Growing Numbers Of Divers And Snorkelers Venture In Search Of Turquoise Seas, Fabulous Coral Walls, And Mythically Beautiful Marine Life This Stunning Series Provides Detailed Coverage Of The World S Top Diving Destinations Up To Date Information On Individual Dive Sites Valuable Advice On Techniques And Equipment Indispensable Information For All Levels Of Divers From Novice To Divemaster Handy Travel Tips And Guidance On The Best Local Restaurants And Accommodation Gorgeous, Full Color Underwater Photography Useful Area Maps The Interlink Dive Guides Are Indispensable Companions For Anyone Planning A Trip To The World S Most Exciting And Challenging Dive Sites