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[Jena Pincott] ☆ Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy [personal-finance PDF] Read Online ☆ Dieses Buch ist kein Ratgeber, aber es beantwortet viele Fragen zur Schwangerschaft wie Hat mein Baby mehr Gene von mir oder von meinem Partner , Hilft Musik, mein Baby intelligenter zu machen , Haben Schokoladeliebhaber umg nglichere Babies Ich konnte das Buch nicht aus der Hand legen, nicht nur, weil es wirklich am sant geschrieben ist, sondern weil Jena Pincott Wissenschaftsjournalistin ist und alle Fakten wirklich gr ndlich recherchiert wurden Im Anhang sind alle wissenschaftlichen Artikel, aus denen sie zitiert, angegeben Pincott schrieb das Buch, als sie selber schwanger war, sie baut also auch ihre Erfahrungen mit ein.
Ein super Buch f r werdende Mamas und Papas die etwas tiefer graben m chten und sich nicht mit den Standardinformationen zufrieden geben.
An amazing book full of interesting facts and scientific research, made me feel prepared and excited being pregnant I ve given it to several friends to prepare them too and they ve all loved it to a great gift for pregnant friends Terrible book.
Reads like a summer project written in a perfunctory way to get published.
Not entertaining and not insightful Basically it s a compendium of quotations from research papers with no conclusion or analysis beyond that And it s dry and humourless.
Brilliant book,fascinatingly interesting and intelligent angle on the pregnancy process when you re fed up of the regular bland information on your progress during the months such as this week you re baby is the size of a melon seed etc Highly recommended although it can lead you to obsess over shaping your baby s personality beginning in the womb.
Pregnant with baby no.
2 and didn t want to read about the whole growth thing childbirth again so this was a really nice alternative Highly recommend if you like knowing a bit about what s going on with your body mind pregnancy

Start reading it, a bit boring and very contradictory There are some interesting informations, but still not impressed Very inconclusive great book Very well written Answered a lot of questions I didn t know I had Thank you so much.
Brain Candy For Expectant Parents Pregnancy Is An Adventure Lots Of books Tell You The Basicsthe Baby Is The Size Of Insert Fruit Here But Pregnant Science Writer Jena Pincott Began To Wonder Just How A Baby Might Tinker With Her Bodyand Vice Versaand Chased Down Answers To The Questions She Wouldnt Ask Her Doctor, Such As Does Stress Sharpen Your Babys Mindor Dull It Can You Predict Your Babys Temperament Why Are Babies Born In The Darker Months Of The Year Likely To Grow Up To Be Novelty Loving Risk Takers Are Bossy, Dominant Women Likely To Have Boys How Can The Cells Left Behind By Your Baby Affect You Years Later This Is A Different Kind Of Pregnancy Bookthoughtful, Fun, And Filled With Information You Wont Find Anywhere Else