å Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy ✓ Download by Ë Jena Pincott

å Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies?: The Surprising Science of Pregnancy ✓ Download by Ë Jena Pincott Great book for people who are fascinated by science and biology Also a great read through pregnancy when you can t be too active and find yourself stuck with insomnia The author has plenty of evidence and writes in a down to eat tone while explaining sometimes complicated concepts I enjoyed this book through my pregnancy, and enjoyed passing on tidbits of information from it to other people.
Recipient Of Starred Reviews From Kirkusand Library Journal Science Writer Jena Pincott Spent Her Pregnancy And Postpartum Months Asking The Types Of Questions That Doctors Dont Answer, And That Expectant Mothers Will Not Expect In This Curiosity Driven Exploration Into The Hidden Side Of Pregnancy, Learn How Genes Play Favorites, Amniotic Fluid Carries Flavors How Semen Can Be A Fetuss Friend Or Foe How The Brains Shrinks And Grows And What Mind Control Chemicals Are Doing In Breast Milk, Sweat, And TearsDrawing On Studies In Evolutionary Psychology, Biology, Neuroscience, Reproductive Genetics, And Epigenetics, The Influence Of The Environment On The Behavior Of Genes, Pincott Explores Questions Such As Does Stress Sharpen Your Babys Mind Or Dull It Can You Predict Your Babys Temperament Why Are Babies Born In The Darker Months Of The Year Likely To Grow Up To Be Novelty Loving Risk Takers Are Bossy, Dominant Women Likely To Have Boys How Can The Cells Left Behind By Your Baby Affect You Years Later This Is A Different Kind Of Pregnancy Book Thoughtful, Humorous, Intimate, And Filled With Information You Wont Find Anywhere Else I m an NPR dork I can t get enough of random information so this book was right up my alley I bought several copies and when I find out a friend is expecting, if she s anywhere as near to my nerd level, I give them as gifts Great great book Update I ve given this book to 3 pregnant friends now One posted a public thank you to me on Facebook last night Thank you so much for recommending this book I m not even done with it yet and I love it and another texted me at 1am I can t put this book down You are the best.
Really interesting and easy read Does a good job summarizing the scientific findings Makes it easy to read a few pages each night since it s broken down by research study or area.
Great book filled with all the science you could hope for It answered all the questions I never knew I didn t know, and in a fun, friendly, and fascinating way I was impressed with the authors ability to write so flowingly about research It gave all the information without any jargon that would have made it hard to understand.
There was so much good information that I keep it out so I can refer back to it whenever I want.

Very well written Answered a lot of questions I didn t know I had Thank you so much.
What a fun pregnancy book I had reviewed the Mayo Clinic book and stated that it was the only prenatal book one would need in preparation for baby Well, that might be the case for all of the important, basic information needed during pregnancy, but I have to qualify that previous review because, after skimming sections of this Chocolate Lovers book I just received it today , I find that it s a great addition for those of us who are fascinated by the science of pregnancy and the strange things the body does It s a light, fast read, especially considering the good amount of references to scientific studies, and surprisingly enjoyable because the topics covered are interesting and sometimes odd ball I m not one for pop science as a rule, and I can t stand cutesy pregnancy books like the Girlfriend s Guide kind of stuff bleh , but I needed something a bit unusual and off beat than the overly straightforward May Clinic book to keep me entertained and engaged during this pregnancy Plus, for those of us who want a list of works cited.
it s here Yes My one complaint about the Mayo Clinic book was that there isn t a bibliography or further reading section for those of us who understand that the sciences include gray areas as facts become out dated, debatable, or whatever Jena Pincott gives various studies, all presented as objectively as anything really can be presented without it sounding absolutist, and she does so with a nice, flowing, engaging, readable style As someone who teaches rhetoric and literary analysis, style and presentation are as important to me as the information given in a text Pincott is just scholarly enough without being pedantic, and she includes personal anecdotes and some literary styling that is much engaging than the typical fare And after reading Baby 411, which has a terribly condescending and judgmental tone, I appreciated that Pincott respects her readers enough to assume we have brains in our heads she speaks to the reader and not at the reader, as though she s sharing some really fascinating, strange information she s learned while asking her own crazy questions about why and what her body is doing during her pregnancy, just in case we might find it fascinating, too Very nice Things to keep in mind This really is a pop science book with some educational value mixed with a heavy dose of entertainment value This is not a guidebook it is not meant to offer specific advice about doing one thing or another during pregnancy and or child rearing, but there is a nice, concise Lessons from the Lab A Summary of Practical Tips section just before the list of source material that could be useful for some It s mostly common sense, but sometimes we need reminders of that common sense stuff, right I know I do Like everything else in this book, I appreciate how Pincott presents these lessons This includes bits and pieces of personal experience, so if you re not into the use of personal story as frame narrative before scientific studies are referenced, you might find it off putting and too subjective for what you re looking for As a reader, I found this technique engaging and effective in holding my interest Along with personal anecdotes, Pincott references pop culture every now and then I didn t find it annoying, pandering, or excessive at all.
I look forward to reading this in depth and highly recommend it