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[ Read Online Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Questions You Never Thought You Wanted to Ask ↠´ american-revolutionary-war PDF ] by New Scientist ↠´ Well this is indeed interesting You will leave with tidbits of knowledge to amaze your friends But I was expecting a little It did not take me very long at all to read everything of interest in this book IT is of a novelty gift of coffee table book, not for educational or litereary pursuits.
How Fat Do You Have To Be To Become Bulletproof Why Do People Have Eyebrows Why Do Pineapples Have Spines How Much Does A Head Weigh What Affects The Color Of Earwax How Quickly Could I Turn Into A Fossil Have You Ever Thought Up A Question So Completely Off The Wall, So Seemingly Ridiculous, That You Couldn T Even Find The Courage To Ask It Maybe At The Sports Bar You Were Transported By The Beauty Of Your Beer To Wonder, How Long Could I Live On Beer Alone Or, Cycling Through The Park, You Mused, Did Nature Invent Any Wheels Or Looking Up At The Night Sky, You Had A Moment Of Angst, What Would Happen If The Moon Suddenly Disappeared If It Were Vaporized Or Stolen By Aliens Full Of Fun Factlets, Does Anything Eat Waspsis A Runaway Bestseller Around The World It Celebrates The Weird And Wacky Questions Some Trivial, Some Baffling, All Unique And Their Multiple Answers Culled From The Last Word, A Long Running Column In The Internationally Popular Science Magazine, New Scientist Tackling The Imponderables Of Everyday Life, Sparkling With Humor, And Bursting With Delightful Erudition, Does Anything Eat Waspsis Irresistibly Entertaining And Utterly Engrossing So, Go On Put Away Your Lab Coat And Your Pencil Science Is Fun Again I found this book, like i did to the others in this set of books, highly enjoyable and i recommend it to those who love facts and finding answers to strange questions in life Do you know if anything eats wasps I do and you can too if you buy this book.
I bought this as a present for a friend, he was delighted with it A great present for a guy or anyone who likes interesting and curious facts.
I might have been interested in about 3% of this book Just flipped through the rest and was bored by the first couple sentences It s heavy on Science speak too Not even very good bathroom reading If you like dry science, this is for you I love learning about everything and anything and this book has so much to offer for someone like me It s Terrific

Strange little book Something to pick up as you wish Learn something new everyday The New Scientist is a weekly magazine, first published in 1956, that covers the recent happenings in the scientific world In 1994, the magazine launched a new column called The Last Word in which its driven by its readers not all of whom are geeks in white coats Here, they could not only pose a science related question, but also provide the answers Does Anything Eat Wasps is a selection of the questions asked and answered over the column s first eleven years, and proved to be one of the UK s surprise hit of the year.
The book is divided into chapters, depending on the focus of the questions selected our bodies, our planet and wierd weather for example While the book is informative, it is equally as likely to raise a smile the overall tone is not that of a difficult, highbrow scientific paper Some of the questions that are dealt with include how long can a human being live if their sole source of food or drink is beer One respondant includes in his answer it would be unethical to conduct such an experiment though I suspect he would have plenty of volunteers What causes the changes, in terms of colour and consistency, in earwax Can it be scientifically proven that your arse looks smaller in black trousers And just how far above the Earth s surface would you have to be before a compass stops pointing north An enjoyable and informative book though it s one I tend to dip into once in a while, rather than reading it from cover to cover.
I had high expectations when buying this book and was let down a bit This book covers a wide range topics some interesting and some down right boring Some of the explanations are too scientific for me and i am a scince guy This book is based on people sending in questions and readers answering them The answers are usually complex and require a science experiment to prove or disprove.