Trailer ☆ Dog Obsessed: The Honest Kitchen's Complete Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life for the Pup You Love PDF by Þ Lucy Postins

Trailer ☆ Dog Obsessed: The Honest Kitchen's Complete Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life for the Pup You Love PDF by Þ Lucy Postins Great information.
Great book Lots of helpful information Especially interesting if you feed your dog The Honest Kitchen dog food, which we do Great if want to understandabout good nutrition and feeding your dog wholesome food.
Are You OBSESSED With Your Dog Have You Ever Canceled Plans Because Youd Rather Spend Saturday Night With Your Pup Does Your Dog Have His Own Facebook Page Or Instagram Feed When You Go On Vacation, Does Your Furry BFF Come Along With Her Own Suitcase If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions, This Dog Care Book Is For You Packed With Expert Tips On Dog Park Etiquette, Good Grooming, Holiday Safety, And How To Visit Friends And Family With Your Dog In Tow Hint BYO Treats And A Special Blanket , Dog Obsessed Combines Humorous Advice With Sound, Veterinarian Approved Programs For Weight Loss, Exercise, And Physical And Emotional Health IncludingEasy To Prepare, Homemade Dog Food Recipes Plus Celebratory Party Fare And Wine Pairings For You , Dog Obsessed Is The Definitive Guide To Enjoying A Happier, Healthier Life With Your Favorite Furry Family Member Love the book, very interesting and i love the honest kitchen products If u havent tried them, give it a try, especially if u have seniors dogs with hard stool and not alot of teeth The book was good, butfor a new dog owner I ordered the wrong book This one did have recipes, but again there was a lot of advice guidance for a new dog owner or someone getting ready to buy a dog.
I love this book.
I do not use their dog food because my dog has to be on a low protienbdiet so I substitute honest kitchen dog food in the recipes.
Anything to fulfill my pups life.
I m thereLove this book So many good healthy choices Great information on all aspects of dog care and well written.

The title says it all As they say in the UK, what is on the label is in the tin This book is by and for the dog obsessed Written by healthy and ethical pet food entrepreneur Lucy Postins, it discusses many, many facets of having a healthy AND happy dog.
Straight off, the book talks directly to those dog obsessed People who cannot comprehend letting the dog hog the bed need read no further The author admits her first experimentation with a healthy, natural diet for her dogs was when she used eggs, and this obliged her husband to eat only granola for breakfast Likewise, she admits to getting up in the middle of the night to cover her dog with a blanket on chilly nights.
This is not just a compendium of home made recipes for dog meals and treats There is an isolation diet to help identify dog food sensitivities But there are plenty of great recipes, make no mistake Many of the items are based on The Honest Kitchen food mixes, of course, but there is a nice section on human dog recipes where you can dine with your dog on one recipe with a version for you and other humans and one for your dog or dogs.
There are also sections on meeting dogs emotional and intellectual needs, especially the need to belong to a pack, or family.
There is also an eye opening and shocking look at most commercial pet foods that the public at large does not know about.
The book discusses everything from dog adoptions to responsibilities to one s dog, but also looking to the emotional and physical well being of your dogs Dog weight and obesity, dog allergies, the right diet for your dog knowing dogs, like people, have different physiologies , and also having fun with your dog are discussed.
Interspersed throughout the book are short dog factoids I like how the book really validates the dog human bond of love One factoid cites the research of scientist Gregory Berns who proved dog MRI scans were different when a stranger presented food than when a human family member was present The love emotion centers of the brain were active when a dog saw his family member The illustrations and book layout are colorful, engaging and delightful The photos and images throughout the book are of the author s own dogs and the dogs of her employees The company practices what it preaches selling ethical pet food that their own employees often feed their pets.
I enjoyed the bibliography at the back of the book As one truly dog obsessed, I was happy to find I owned several of those books This is truly a book after my own heart.
The French Nobel Prize winner Anatole France said it best, Until one has loved an animal, a part of one s soul remains unawakened For the intended readers of this book, the people love their dogs so much that not only has the soul been awakened, it just had two cups of espresso This book is a must have for the you heard it dog obsessed or anyone who wants the very best life for their dogs.
The only problem with this book is the recipes are all made with The Honest Kitchen dog food as the base If your dog can not eat this food , as mine can not, this book will be of no value.