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[ Pdf Doomed Queen Anne (Young Royals, #3)  public-transport PDF ] by Carolyn Meyer  Michelle KwaitHistorical Fiction SPOILER ALERT Summary Meyer follows Anne Boleyn, at first the younger, ill favored sister of the mistress of King Henry VIII, through her subsequent rise to royalty Rather than follow the same fate as her sister, Anne insists upon marriage cleverly using her virginity as a shield, and her wits to keep Henry enthralled King Henry defies counsellor, wife, and church to marry her, yet the marriage is not all it seems After providing a girl, but not the son he seeks, Henry s love turns to cruelty, and Anne finds herself ironically locked in the Tower of London, where she spent the night before her coronation, now, she faces a traitor s death with a ready replacement for her throne.
Critique A good read, but the Anne in the book clashes with my previously established idea of Anne as manipulative, vengeful and in complete control Rather it seems like Anne is a helpless victim, somewhat overwhelmed by it all I personally didn t like this clash, but it does give a new perspective to Anne Boleyn.
I started this book but didn t finish it I wanted to find out if it was suitable for a Christian school library There was far to much immorality in it that I immediately rejected it Children do not need to be exposed to such material.
Though Born Without Great Beauty, Wealth, Or Title, Anne Boleyn Blossomed Into A Captivating Woman She Used Her Wiles To Win The Heart Of England S Most Powerful Man, King Henry VIII, And Persuade Him To Defy Everyone Including His Own Wife To Make Her His New Queen But Anne S Ambition Was Her Fatal Flaw This Is The True Story Of The Girl Everyone Loved To Hate Carolyn Meyer S Engrossing Third Novel In The Award Winning Young Royals Series Tells Anne S Fascinating Story In Her Own Voice From Her Life As An Awkward Girl To The Dramatic Moments Before Her Death I will ALWAYS love this book It s what started it all for me I went on to read all sorts of novels about Anne Boleyn I came to love her and recognize her as my idol My idol, my hero.
Anyway, it is a young adult book, so of course it can t be littered with sex scenes and giant words and such, but it was very historically accurate It got dates and years right to my knowledge it was a thrilling overview and when I read it in the seventh grade I wasn t able to put it down.
I would recommend it as the first book for ANYONE that thinks they ll be interested in reading about her starting in Tudor era novels, etc.
3 A wonderful book for children, but the shoddy history and distinct lack of sympathy for Anne makes me wince.
This was an unpleasant story The writing was good, and I like all the other Carolyn Meyer books I have read The problem that bothered me was the subject matter It is depressing to read about a girl that you know will be executed Her personality as interpreted in the book is similar to Scarlett in Gone With the Wind She is wilfull, selfish, prideful, hard hearted, and cold Meyer does a good job of making a case for WHY she is that way, and the main character gets my sympathy, but not any approval I liked the 2 other books in this series better Mary, Bloody, Mary and Beware Princess Elizabeth is suitable for a young audience than this one which spends the bulk of the time discussing being King Henry s Mistresses Fortunately, it has minimal to zero detail except for mentioning when a mistress begets a child What I appreciated the most about the book was learning about the Court, King Henry, and Princess Mary from Anne s point of view.
Doomed Queen Anne by Carolyn Meyer is a book about Anne Bolyen and always being the ill favored child between her brother, her sister and herself Anne was never the favorite in her family Growing up Anne had always attended the court, attending court meant always getting a chance to see or maybe even meet King Henry the Eighth Anne made a mistake instead of bowing down to the king she stood, yelled his name, and waved This embarrassed the family very much and poor Anne was sent away from her family and to different courts all around for many years When Anne returned she caught the eye of King Henry and became one of his Mistresses Over the years the king longed a son and Anne was to be married to the King as soon as King Henry had proven his previous marriage invalid and provide the King with a son to inherit the throne I honestly think this book was a bit confusing and they way it was written messed me up a little It was still an okay book The book had many things I did not see coming and many exciting parts that made me want to read on I would recommend this book to anyone who can handle books like this and don t stop reading halfway through.

Thank you to Carolyn Meyer for sticking up for Anne Boleyn Some people hate her for causing Henry to divorce Catherine but the truth was that he was going to divorce Catherine regardless of Anne and Anne was the wife he happened to choose next Anne was a clever, ambitious strong young woman who may have had a couple selfish moments but overall was a good person and certainly not the seductive man eater some people portray her as I love Carolyn Meyer s storytelling she an ability to pack detail and good scenes and dialogue into a short novel This was my favorite of her books alongside Cleopatra Confesses and I love the way she puts such a merry flavor into such a sad story Also I like it when she features Anne s brother George because I love George Boleyn and think he is too overshadowed by his sisters perhaps made almost infamous by The Other Boleyn Girl And I like how Anne in this book cared for other poeple besides herself I don t think she was as selfish as a lot of people say.
Anne Boleyn spends a lot of time plotting ways to get Henry VIII to marry her Her scheming pays off, and then she s executed.
A large part of the story can be summed up thusly Henry VIII Anne, sleep with me Anne No thanks Besides, withholding sex is the only weapon in my arsenal, so you re gonna have to make do with cuddling and heavy petting.
It got tedious after a while.
It s hard to know what Meyer s intention is here, because sometimes she attempts to make Anne a sympathetic character, but most of the book deals with Anne s ambitious single mindedness I WANT TO BE THE QUEEN It s hard to make a likable character out of that.
Of course, Anne Boleyn may not, in fact, have been likable in real life everything I ve read about her points in that direction Meyer does try to explain Anne s motivation here her family thinks she s worthless, other courtiers think she s ugly, Cardinal Wolsey is a jerk but it s all speculative, and then, a lot of Anne s history was rewritten by her enemies after her death, so who really knows the truth I ve always been a fan of history, which is way I picked this book up a few years ago when I was a sopho in high school, despite the fact that it was aimed toward a younger age group All I can say is that I m glad I did Though clearly for the mind of a young adult, its a very intriguing story This is the frist book I ever read about Anne Boleyn, and it has inspired a huge adoration for the historical fiction I m actually a history major going into my senior year and hoping to eventually go to graduate school and become a professor Though I loved history before reading this, it was the book that inspired me to learn about the fascinating woman who s story it tells Carolyn Meyer has the ability to evoke sympathy for whichever character she is writing about, no matter how awful history has been to said person I highly recommend this to anyone under the age of 15if you re looking for somethign a little advance, try The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn by Robin Maxwell.