Trailer ¼ Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog: Holistic Therapies, Nutrition, and Recipes for Healthier Dogs PDF by ☆ Deva Kaur Khalsa VMD

Trailer ¼ Dr. Khalsa's Natural Dog: Holistic Therapies, Nutrition, and Recipes for Healthier Dogs PDF by ☆ Deva Kaur Khalsa VMD A Pioneer In Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Dr Deva Khalsa Shares Her Effective, Integrative Approach To Natural Health And Healing For Dogs In This Invaluable Book Expanded And Updated, Dr Khalsas Natural Dog, In Its Second Edition, Presents An Inspired Way For Dog Owners To Design A Diet Specifically For Their Dogs Needs, Lifestyle, Age, And Health Developed Over Decades Of Practice And Study, Dr Khalsas Methods Combine Traditional Veterinary Medicine, Wholesome Nutrition, And Holistic Therapies, Such As Alternative Methods, Herbal Remedies, And Botanical Medicine In The New Edition, Dr Khalsa Will Present The Latest Research On Such Important Issues As Avoiding And Treating Cancer, Chronic Gastrointestinal Problems, Allergy Elimination, And Effective Holistic Treatments For Ten Common ProblemsIn The Foreword, Dr Marty Goldstein, A Colleague Of The Author For Over Four Decades, Says That Dr Khalsa Knows, Feels, And Practices Healing, Patient By Patient And This Book Is Nothingthan A Mirror Of The Incredible Spiritual Energy Of A True Healer By Using The Simple Methods And Concepts Put Forth In Dr Khalsas Natural Dog, Dog Owners Can Effect Positive, Life Changing Improvements For Their Beloved Four Legged CompanionsSIDE DR KHALSAS NATURAL DOGOveroriginal, Wholesome Recipes, Including New Grain Free And Allergy Free RecipesA Modern Primer On Canine Nutrition And How To Feed Dogs For Optimal HealthThe Secrets Of Herbal Supplementation And The Use Of Vitamins And MineralsHolistic Strategies For Dogs With Special Needs, Including Allergies, Heart And Kidney Diseases, Obesity, And DiabetesExpanded, Updated Chapter On Preventing, Managing, And Treating Canine CancerPRAISE FOR THE FIRST EDITIONDr Khalsa Has Provided An Invaluable Book To Help Keep Dogs Well And To Enable Them To Recover From A Variety Of Health Problems Her Holistically Integrative Approach Is A Welcome Contribution For The Good Dogs Around The WorldDr Michael W Fox, Syndicated Veterinary ColumnistNatural Dog Is The Most Comprehensive Book On Holistic Dog Care For The Twenty First CenturyJoanne Stefanos, DVM, Author Of Animals And ManThis Book Is A Lively Informative read For All Those Devoted To Their Canine Companions W Jean Dodds, DVM, World Famous Veterinary Hematologist