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[ Read Online Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America µ world-history PDF ] by Margot Adler Þ I never read the first edition of Margo Adler s guide to earth based religion in the United States, but after her recent death, I decided to check out the 2006 update Adler had an inquiring mind, and coming from an irreligious family, she was draw to life affirming rituals rather than religious dogma She loved dancing around the May Pole, getting lost in Greek drama and feeling like Athena, and, eventually, drawing down the circle Her interest coincided with Second Wave feminism, and after delving into a little paganism, she used her journalistic skills to track down its origins Armed with a journalism degree, she sought out the Celtic and English roots of rituals that grew after Britain withdrew it s ban on witchcraft, and what she found was intriguing, if it wasn t particularly orthodox Then she interviewed a variety of practitioners there and in the U.
S She is a dogged researcher and a generous interviewer and interpreter, and there s really nothing else quite like this account Even though witchcraft doesn t call to me, I can identify with the search for celebration of nature without dogma and with a reverence for the feminine aspects of the divine Her description of magic is that of an art rather than anything superhuman, and I found it intriguing.
Now Fully Revised The Classic Study Of Neo Paganism Almost Thirty Years Since Its original Publication, Drawing Down The Moon Continues To Be The Only Detailed History Of The Burgeoning But Still Widely Misunderstood Neo Pagan Subculture Margot Adler Attended Ritual Gatherings And Interviewed A Diverse, Colorful Gallery Of People Across The United States, People Who Find Inspiration In Ancient Deities, Nature, Myth, Even Science Fiction In This New Edition Featuring An Updated Resource Guide Of Newsletters, Journals, books, Groups, And Festivals, Margot Adler Takes A Fascinating And Honest Look At The Religious Experiences, Beliefs, And Lifestyles Of Modern America S Pagan Groups For beginners this book is highly referenced among Pagan circles and you will hear about it quite frequently if you attend workshops, seminars or are generally socially active in the Pagan community.
I appreciated Adler s commentary in the prologue as it includes valuable and informative information about how she came to write the book and what she has learned since it was published The book itself is a comfortable blend of academic and anecdotal writing that includes some of the most intensive firsthand research into contemporary Pagans from our own perspectives Adler comes off as highly credible and her insights are a welcome relief from other similar books that come across as too academic The writing is very humanist, easy to follow and very citable as Adler is considered an authority on the Pagan community mostly in part to this book.
This is a very valuable product to have in my Kindle collection.
Edit 7 28 14 Margot Adler s work has been tremendously influential and helpful to the Pagan community and she will be sorely missed.
A great update of a wonderful book Margot Adler was an incredible journalist and documented a movement in its early years that has now become relatively mainstream Comprehensive, well written I had the opportunity to meet Margot and she was a wonderful source of information and clarity regarding the neo pagan movement.

This book is amazing So much information and history and people inside Really recommend it for anyone wanting to know of modern day witches It s one of my favorites I m almost through this book and I am so proud to have it there is a wealth of knowledge in this one book I ve read a number of books on Pagan Witchcraft for over a year now and this is one of my favorites also, I m delighted with the binding and feel of this book, you can bend it and fold it and lay it open and it s just wonderful to hold in your hands I wish all paperbacks were bound this way with these materials recommend this if I could afford it, I d buy copies and give them to everyone I know