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[Jamie A. Koufman M.D. F.A.C.S.] í Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure [hip-hop PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó This book has one fabulous salad recipe that is going in my regular repetoire We re still getting used to eating Italian w o tomatoes, but if I do a deconstructed sauce, I can add charred tomatoes to taste It s a steep learning curve for a pair of foodies, but it s do able We miss the wine, but not the calories While it s mostly mundane American food, it can be adapted to European This book is definitely a buy.
Dropping Acid The Reflux Diet Cookbook S Recipes Use Tasty Fats As Flavorings, Not As Main Ingredients Included Are The Recipes For Tasty Dishes That Prove Living With Reflux Doesn T Mean Living Without Delicious Food Changed my life the recipes in there are delicious, cover a wide range of permissible foods and look good presentation.
Lovely images for inspiration and quick reference.
The primer on silent reflux sheds some light on what you may be living through and how to get through it.
I would recommend this book to anyone with reflux.
Very informative My husband has been suffering from acid reflux for a few years now, and all the doctor did was prescribe a pill Now we have a way of treating the cause Came highly recommended by a friend with reflux I have silent reflux and am looking forward to recipes Have also shared some areas of the book with a friend.
Excellent Excellent without this book it would been ALOT harder to stop the stomach acid pills.
It help me so much I cant say enough about the books.
It would have ben and it was so much pain before I received dropping acid Thank you so much Dr Koufman and keep writingrecipes I thought I had reviewed this back in 2014 obviously not Have just read it again as I am having symptoms This book does tell you about LPR and gives you basic food lists, however the recipes are geared towards the American Public The recipes often have many ingredients some of which I am not familiar with maybe not available in UK I have only given this book 3 stars because of the recipes which I wouldn t use At least now there isinformation about this condition but we really need a book for the UK.

Excellent book for regular or silent reflux suffers Thorough information about the causes and repercussions of acid reflux, as well as explanations for which foods to eliminate or avoid and which foods are ok to eat A variety of recipes that actually have flavour, considering the limitations of the foods still available eat Beats the bland repertoire normally offered acid reflux sufferers Written by a doctor specializing in this area, and recommended to me by an ear, nose and throat specialist I couldn t ask for aqualified recommendation and was not disappointed The recommendations in this book combined with raising the head of the bed per the specialist, have helped me gain control over my silent reflux This was prescribed to help heal the lesions in my throat.
I have GERD And my stomach doesn t digest lots of acidic foods very well So I dropped meat, dairy, grain, fruit and sugary foods So what do I eat Vegetables and salads I tried some of the recipes but they were too inflammatory for me I was hoping the book would giverecipes for people like me who are at the healing phase Who are transitioning from just finding out what not to eat and what they can eat There is a list of foods but obviously even the chef found it difficult to make a recipe I would have liked ain depth list of acidic foods andto the point, alkalizing foods But then I guess that would be another book altogether.