Ò Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom º Download by Ò Maya Magee Sutton

Ò Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom º Download by Ò Maya Magee Sutton There s lots of information in this book, including what is and isn t a Celt, what is and isn t a Druid, info on shapeshifting and other magic, spirituality, symbols, the Tree Alphabet, sources for further reading, and much I m not a Druid, but I have an interest in Celtic history and culture This is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Celts, Druids, or magic in general.
The book is written in a way that s easy to understand, even if you re not familiar with Celtic lore or magic Even if you don t intend to practice, it s great reading, and will help you understand the difference between magic in fairy tales and real magic.
DRUID MAGIC dispels the myths that surround magic cultures and opens the path to Druid wisdom for those seeking it.
Perhaps The Most Mystical, Magical People Ever Known Were The Druids They Were Wizards, Storytellers, Teachers And Spiritual Leaders They Were Attuned To The Earth And The Sun And They Were Very Powerful Druid Magick Presents Everything You Need To Know To Become A Druid And Even Start Your Own Druid Grove The Name Of A Druid Group Learn About The Druid S Tools The Sickle, Wand, Cord, And And How To Make And Use Them Discover All Of The Beliefs The Druids Hold, Including The Emphasis On Honor And Ethics And, Of Course, You Ll Learn The Secrets Of The Magic Of The Druids Protection Spells How To Use Magic To Find Missing Items Learn To Visit Other Worlds Levels Of Reality Shapeshifting And Druidry Is Far Than Historic Celtic Leadership It Is A Living, Growing, Spiritual Tradition That Can Bring You Self Assurance And Self Development Than You Ve Before Ever Had Winner Of The Coalition Of Visionary Resources COVR Award For Best Magic Book Since studying about medicinal herbs, I came across books aboutthe Celtic religion and the Druids I find the Druids fasinating My love of nature and being in the woods really enticed me to read on these people.
I find the book very intriguing and fasinating They cared somuch about nature They respected, worshiped, and did not take than what they needed I read a chapter a day to take itall in.
People could see the title Druid Magic and back off just because of the word magic After reading the first chapter andit explained magic , it s all about you and how you feel about yourself and really building up your self worth, independence,and self esteem For someone with anxiety problems, this was right up my alley.
I find it relaxing to read.
Druid Magic The Practice of Celtic WisdomPertaining to neo druidism, was so informative, giving a detailed and informative account The format was of high standard and the language flowed easily I liked the way it also referred to the personal experiences in this ancient wisdom I would have appreciated a chapter on the ancient rites of Druidism which would have completed this excellent book As for the neo druidism, the explanations of the rites and the tools of magick were excellent.
As a modern druid, i found the book useful and easy to understand I would have given it a 4 star rating but it lacks historical accuracy and a in depth view of druidism.
Perhaps that is also its strongest point being as light as it is, you won t have any trouble to understand it and applying some basic principles of druidism in your daily life However, if you are looking forward to become a celtic reconstructionistic druid, then you should research elsewhere.

Druid Magic is a book that is certainly an interesting look at the beliefs and worldview of neo Pagan Druidry the contemporary reconstructionist Druid philosophy that has largely been inspired by the English 17th century Romanticist movement of Edward Williams However, I feel that it is important to make note that it cannot be taken as an accurate representation of the Druid tradition as a whole the ancient religion of the various Celtic peoples.
The book attempts too much, attempting to serve as an authoritative historical perspective which it falls short of, including a couple of glaring inaccuracies , and an offering of the practices of modern Druidry which it could have done of.
New students and seekers exploring these ways will certainly find some valuable basic material addressing certain components of orientation that one will find in both neo Pagan Druidry and in Druidism the ancient druidic religious stream, as opposed to the neo Druidry of today, which does in fact survive today in certain practices that have their source with continuing rural Celtic folk faiths as opposed to neo reconstructionism.
However, unfortunately, many readers may be duped by DRUID MAGIC into taking their rendition of neo Pagan Druidry to somehow be the full spectrum of the actual Druid tradition, and this is inaccurate.
I have to agree with the reviewer from Boulder, Colorado see below on two points as well.
There WERE in fact organized colleges or learning centers of Druidism, most especially in Ireland and Scotland, including the Isle of Iona and North Uist The authors make a claim against such a phenomenon, yet even a scanty survey of druid history will suggest that many of the Celtic countries sent fledgling students to Scotland for tutelage One of the most famous of the Draoi druids in Scotland was named Durach, who maintained a learning center on the Isle of Iona known even today to some Scottish Highlanders as Isla na Druideach, Isle of the Druids where he transmitted, essentially, the arts and skills of advanced psychic ability and extra sensory perception Likewise, the evidence is also overwhelmingly clear that in parts of Scotland and Ireland certain families of Druidic origin namely the O Cassidys, the MacPhersons, the MacMillans, the Lamonts, the MacEwens, etc transitioned into either bardic roles or church ecclesiastical roles within the Celtic Church, or both.
The authors make the classic mistake of neo Pagan scholarship today which almost always has an instant knee jerk reaction to anything Christian without holding open the reality that there were very druidic like versions of contemplative Christian practice by suggesting that Druidism and the pre Roman Celtic Christian contemplative and mystical traditions were somehow completely at odds, which they were not, historically, nor even theologically up to a certain point Christ the Word has always been among us There has never been a time when the Druids of Britain did not know of the Word Taliesin The authors do offer some interesting visualizations and meditations for the seeker and practitioner, to at least attune themselves to the spirit of certain druidic orientations and themes the Otherworld, nature, etc which might be helpful to some, but like so many of the Llewelyn books I was disappointed.
I was, by turns, very interested and very disappointed in this book The information inside is accurate, intelligent and well written, but what it lacks is depth and solidity What I mean by this is that most of the subjects were merely skimmed over and not really explored to their fullest extent The book was also very fluffy, by which I mean it was very new age and PC rather than revealing some of the grittier, dirtier truths of the Druid path Most of the rather abhorrent and barbaric practices of the ancient Druids aren t even touched upon, instead it seems as if they are purposefully ignored I gave the book three stars because it does have some interesting tidbits of information that can be used by a student I wouldn t recommend this book as a beginning primer because some of the conecpts require a certain pre familiarization I also wouldn t wholly recommend this book to an expert, because they are probably already quite familiar with what the book has to say I would say this book is perfect for the middle student who has a good grasp of the basics of Celtic wisdom and is ready to go deeper.