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ê Read ¶ Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing (Audible Audio Edition): Anita Moorjani, Anita Moorjani, Hay House: Amazon.ca by Anita Moorjani ê Firstly, I am so pleased that the author, Anita Moorjani, recovered her health after her N.
E experience Although her N.
, by definition, is personal, I can understand how she must have found it so challenging to describe such a mind blowing experience the perfect love, the body she no longer needed at the time , the knowledge she has gained to reassure herself and others, her merging with all that is, the perfection, all fear taken away Mrs Moorjani writes so beautifully, and I found this reassurance wonderful after being told years ago by a certain faction, that we are all born sinners, which is cruel and wrong anyway to the certain knowledge that we deserve to be loved, simply because we exist A brilliant book of personal experience, which has certainly given me confidence and belief about the after life.
This is one of the most amazing books I have ever read Such an incredible story I have learned so much from reading this book Anita went through absolute hell She came out of that a completely different person One of the things I loved the most was after she was healed from the cancer she just allowed things to come to her She stopped her seeking and wondering what she should do next This was so powerful A great lesson for all of us to learn, to allow the Universe to love and support you and when we trust, all that is needed comes to you Thank you Anita for sharing your wonderful story.
In This Truly Inspirational Audio Book, Anita Moorjani Relates How, After Fighting Cancer For Almost Four Years, Her Body Began Shutting Down Overwhelmed By The Malignant Cells Spreading Throughout Her System As Her Organs Failed, She Entered Into An Extraordinary Near Death Experience NDE Where She Realized Her Inherent Worth And The Actual Cause Of Her Disease Upon Regaining Consciousness, Anita Found That Her Condition Had Improved So Rapidly That She Was Released From The Hospital Within Weeks Without A Trace Of Cancer In Her Body Anita Had Been Pushed And Pulled By Cultural And Religious Customs Since She Was A Little Girl After Years Of Struggling To Forge Her Own Path While Trying To Meet Everyone Else S Expectations, She Had The Realization, As A Result Of Her Epiphany On The Other Side, That She Had The Power To Heal Herself And That There Are Miracles In The Universe That She D Never Even Imagined In Dying To Be Me, Anita Freely Shares All She Has Learned About Illness, Healing, Fear, Being Love, And The True Magnificence Of Each And Every Human Being This book was life changing for me to read Anita Moorjani describes her experience of death, but in the end it shines such a bright light on how we should not squander our time on earth it is precious and there is nothing to be afraid of dying.
it made me see that all my fears are in living a life of great love power that we all have to give while here to ourselves first and foremost and then to each other.
I am now going to read her new book because I think Anita Moorjani has given us a wonderful gift and anything she writes I will read and soak up to the maximum I enjoyed this book but I found myself skimming over pages because they seemed repetitive in content Otherwise, great story and definitely worth a read Even if you don t believe in NDE s, the message that she brings back is something everyone should hear.
I much enjoy Anita s approach to life It is an easy read which promotes a great deal of food for thought This gal has been around the block Anything that could go wrong in her earlier life has happened to her and she has risen above these challenges This title is very inspirational and in some ways very comforting Great to read before you go to sleep at night.
Anita brings a lots of insight from her death experience, she is inviting everyone to accept themselves completely their ego, intellect, body and spirit because it is who you are, there is nothing to forgive, nothing to attain You already are everything you need to be She also believes that Paradise is a state not a place and all the rules and religions that human beings created are illusion We should only love ourselves and be true and kind to ourselves as well as fully live the present moment, that was her conclusion from her death trip It is only our ego that creates stories and tries to believe them, it is also the ego that divides the humanity by creating dogmas, rules, judgments and religions Another interesting idea from this book is that you can t give love to others if you don t give it yourself first, when you love yourself, you can start loving others and give them much than when you give them by obligation.
This book simply is saying to love yourself first Laugh as much as you can everyday Don t take yourself too seriously and laugh at yourself Eat a little of what whatever you fancy as it not the food that is killing us but the self hatred the manifests disease we are all one and the happier you be the magnificent you become It s what lots of these little post we see every day, to dance as though no one is watching , to have the slice of cake and the glass of wine etc.
we all l know them so it s time we started t o live by them and enjoy ourselves as much as we canLife is too short

The words in this book are so inspiring Anita s story is incredible She writes with such love and honesty Having read it once, I know I will be reading it again It is life changing for me and although I have not had a NDE, I can still relate to many things she talks about I love it so much Thank you Anita and thank you for being here to help us all learn how to understand ourselves better Namaste.
At first I really loved this book, but now, I am not so sure about it Really, we are just taking their word for it that this happened to them, these N.
Es and miraculous physical recoveries But what do we truly know What is the truth here Now that she is charging for cruises and online courses, well, I ve become skeptical I want to believe, but the evidence of cashing in so much on this story leaves me disappointed.